Mitsotakis: Mandatory vaccination is not unconstitutional | free press

There were several protests against the government’s corona policy in several Greek cities. Athens’ recent moves are unlikely to have eased the situation.

Athens (dpa) – In Greece, corona vaccinations may be made mandatory, said Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis. Mitsotakis said Friday that this is not unconstitutional, as vaccination opponents have repeatedly claimed.

“The state has the right to demand that all citizens fulfill their duty of social and national solidarity.” This is stated in Article 25 of the Greek constitution and therefore the mandatory vaccination is in accordance with the constitution, according to the head of government.

In recent days there have been anti-vaccination demonstrations in Athens and other cities in Greece. They accused the government that mandatory vaccination is not constitutional. Among the protesters were many right-wing extremists and religious fanatics. In some cases there were riots. Police used tear gas and water cannons to disperse radical opponents of vaccination.

The conservative government on Thursday enforced a law that only allowed vaccinated people to stay in the interior of restaurants and cultural institutions. In addition, workers in the health sector should be vaccinated. Otherwise, they may be suspended. They would then not receive any money as long as they are not vaccinated. In addition, private sector employers may require their employees to be vaccinated. Otherwise they too can be released.

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