Mistlands has arrive with The Queen, Blood Magic and more

Even in early entry, Valheim stormed the scene with gamers and critics alike raving concerning the survival mechanics and the expertise the world impressed by Norse Mythos supplied. The title is famous for its brutal issue as gamers crafted their very own homesteads, castles, and weapons to tackle monsters to be able to survive. With the most recent replace, they’ve a brand new biome to do the identical in.

After a Public Take a look at the place gamers participated and shared suggestions, patch 0.212.7 introduces the Mistlands biome, including to the a number of biomes already out there on the planet of Valheim. Gamers do have to take into account that the brand new area will solely generate in areas of the map that haven’t already been found by them.


The builders counsel beginning a brand new map if gamers have uncovered most areas of their present session. The brand new replace provides new mechanics akin to Wisplight (to push back mist) and Magic (gamers can now develop Elemental Magic and Blood Magic). Mistlands may even characteristic mushroom farming and chickens together with pleasant and unfriendly NPCs.

Mistlands will showcase a brand new boss in Valheim, The Queen. There are additionally new enemy creatures, crafting supplies, meals gadgets, potions, craftable gadgets, constructing items, and fishes. With out additional ado, here is the detailed patch 0.212.7 official notes for Valheim.

Valheim patch 0.212.7 official notes


New mechanics in Valheim:

  • Wisplight (Transfer the mist out of your approach utilizing stationary wisplights or one which follows you wherever you go)
  • Magic! (Eat meals with Eitr to be able to use magic staves, and develop the brand new expertise Elemental Magic and Blood Magic)
  • Mushroom farming (The brand new Mistlands mushrooms might be grown from the consolation of your personal residence)
  • Poultry (Get eggs, hatch and lift chickens, deal with your hens and get extra eggs!)
  • Pleasant/unfriendly NPCs (They’re in your facet so long as you don’t upset them!)
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New creatures in Valheim:

  • Enemy: Seeker
  • Enemy: Seeker Brood
  • Enemy: Seeker Brute
  • Enemy: Gjall
  • Enemy: Tick
  • Creature: Hare
  • Creature: Hen (and Chick)
  • NPC/Enemy: Dvergr (Rogue and Mage)
  • NPC: Munin – raven of lore
  • Boss: The Queen

Crafting in Valheim:

  • Materials: Black marble
  • Materials: Yggdrasil wooden
  • Materials: Blood clot
  • Materials: Mushy tissue
  • Materials: Refined eitr
  • Materials: Sap
  • Materials: Royal jelly
  • Materials: Magecap
  • Materials: Jotun puffs
  • Materials: Egg (might be bought from Haldor, or lain by hens)
  • Materials: Uncooked hen meat
  • Materials: Uncooked seeker meat
  • Materials: Uncooked hare meat
  • Materials: Scale cover
  • Materials: Carapace
  • Materials: Mandible
  • Materials: Bilebag
  • Materials: Mechanical spring
  • Materials: Black core
  • Materials: Dvergr extractor
  • Materials: Wisp
  • Materials: Sealbreaker fragment
  • Workstation: Black forge
  • Black forge extension: Black forge cooler
  • Workstation: Galdr desk
  • Galdr desk extension: Rune desk
  • Cauldron extension: Mortar and pestle
  • Crafting development: Eitr refinery
  • Misc: Wisp fountain
  • Misc: Sap extractor
  • Useful resource location: Big Stays
  • Useful resource location: Historic roots
  • Tree sort: Yggdrasil shoot

New meals gadgets and potions in Valheim:

  • Meals: Cooked egg
  • Meals: Cooked hen meat
  • Meals: Cooked seeker meat
  • Meals: Cooked hare meat
  • Meals: Magecap
  • Meals: Jotun puffs
  • Meals: Misthare supreme
  • Meals: Meat platter
  • Meals: Mushroom omelette
  • Meals: Yggdrasil porridge
  • Meals: Seeker aspic
  • Meals: Salad
  • Meals: Fish n’ bread
  • Meals: Honey glazed hen
  • Meals: Stuffed mushroom
  • Potion: Main well being mead
  • Potion: Lingering stamina mead
  • Potion: Minor eitr mead

New craftable gadgets in Valheim:

  • Instrument: Wisplight
  • Instrument: Black steel pickaxe
  • Instrument: Dvergr lantern
  • Key: Sealbreaker
  • Weapon: Mistwalker (sword)
  • Weapon: Jotun bane (axe)
  • Weapon: Demolisher (sledge)
  • Weapon: Carapace spear
  • Weapon: Himmin afl (atgeir)
  • Weapon: Backbone snap (bow)
  • Arrows: Carapace arrow
  • Weapon: Krom (two-handed sword)
  • Weapon: Skoll and Hati (dual-wielded knives)
  • Weapon: Arbalest (crossbow – new talent!)
  • Bolts: Iron Bolt, Bone Bolt, Black Steel Bolt, Carapace Bolt
  • Weapon: Workers of frost (elemental magic – new talent!)
  • Weapon: Workers of safety (blood magic – new talent!)
  • Weapon: Lifeless raiser (blood magic – new talent!)
  • Weapon: Workers of embers (elemental magic – new talent!)
  • Bomb: Bile bomb
  • Ballista ammunition: Black steel missile, Wood missile
  • Protect: Carapace defend
  • Protect: Carapace buckler
  • Armour set: Carapace breastplate, Carapace greaves, Carapace helmet
  • Armour set: Eitr-weave gown, Eitr-weave trousers, Eitr-weave hood
  • Cape: Feather cape (New standing impact: Feather fall)
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New constructing and furnishings items in Valheim:

  • Constructing items: 14 Black marble items (1m sq. block, 2m sq. block, 2m rectangle, arch, plinth, plinth nook, huge column, small column, flooring, triangle flooring, cornice, cornice nook, stairs & quarter spire)
  • Constructing items: 2 Angled Darkwood beams (26o & 45o)
  • Constructing items: 2 Angled Iron beams (26o & 45o)
  • Constructing piece: 2 Spiral stairs (left & proper)
  • Constructing piece: Dvergr steel wall
  • Furnishings: Hare rug
  • Furnishings: Black marble bench
  • Furnishings: Black marble throne
  • Furnishings: Black marble desk
  • Furnishings: Wisp torch
  • Furnishings: Blue jute drapes
  • Furnishings: Blue jute curtain
  • Furnishings: Blue jute carpet
  • Furnishings: Dvergr wall lantern
  • Furnishings: Dvergr lantern pole
  • Stack: Yggdrasil wooden
  • Stack: Black marble
  • Defence: Dvergr stake wall
  • Defence: Dvergr sharp stakes
  • Defence: Ballista
  • Defence: Lure


  • New music (Mistlands, Mistlands boss, Mistlands places, different places & Haldor)
  • New desires
  • New lore stones
  • New places (Varied Dvergr outposts, Dvergr ruins and extra)
  • New dungeons (Infested mines)
  • New hair types (Curls 1, Curls 2, Gathered braids, Neat braids, Pulled again curls, Royal braids, Brief curls, Single bun & Twin buns) and beard types (Braided 4, Braided 5, Royal 1, Royal 2, Brief 4, Stonedweller & Thick 2)
  • New emotes (Blow kiss, Bow, Cower, Cry, Dance, Despair, Flex, Come right here, Headbang, Kneel, Roar & Shrug)
  • New occasions (“What’s up gjall?” & “They sought you out”)
  • yagluth_thing is now Torn Spirit

New Forsaken energy in Valheim:

  • Haldor’s inventory will replace relying on boss development
  • Terrain technology change, to extend the quantity of Mistlands on the map
  • Enabled Yuletide seasonal gadgets (Yuletide tree, Yuletide klapp, Yuletide wreath, Yuletide garland and Mistletoe)


  • New fish sorts (Trollfish, Big herring, Tetra, Grouper, Anglerfish, Pufferfish, Magmafish, Northern salmon & Coral cod) and craftable baits for every biome (Mossy, Sticky, Chilly, Stingy, Misty, Scorching, Frosty & Heavy)
  • Fishing is now a talent that improves stamina use and pull pace
  • Fish can now be picked up and mounted on merchandise stands, or might be made into uncooked fish on the cooking station as a substitute
  • Fish can now be completely different sizes that give extra uncooked fish
  • Fish now observe the waves’ motion
  • Fish can now leap over the water, and flop round on land
  • Fish now seem in ice caves
  • Right key hints might be proven when fishing
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Fixes & Enhancements in Valheim:

  • Console command enhancements:
  • There’ll now be a correct error message if instructions aren’t entered accurately
  • ‘nocost’, ‘god’ and ‘ghost’ can optionally be specified to on or off
  • ‘location’ can now optionally specify ‘save’ to not disable world save
  • ‘spawn’ can now specify ‘i’ to solely spawn an object if it’s not already in your stock
  • ‘recall’ (makes a server huge recall of all or named gamers, to your place)
  • ‘irritate’ (aggravates all close by neutrals)
  • ‘restartparty’ (resets PlayFab community when on crossplay, can be utilized by each host and shopper)
  • ‘killall’ changed with ‘killenemies’ and ‘killtamed’


  • A number of animations have been up to date and improved
  • A number of VFX have been up to date and improved
  • Stamina degree is now saved on logout
  • Eliminated stamina utilization multiplier when operating uphill
  • Reorganised constructing GUI
  • Rugs not flicker when positioned on prime of one another
  • Reworked knockback mechanics
  • Map icons can not be deleted or crossed when hidden
  • Holstering whereas dodging will not lock the weapon holstered
  • The sturdiness ought to now at all times be proven accurately
  • Biome music will now be performed accurately when steady music is disabled
  • Deadspeak fastened for Bonemass, Moder and Yagluth
  • Disabled Jack-o-turnip seasonal merchandise
  • Minor efficiency tweaks
  • Axe now has a particular assault
  • Some enemies now have weak spots

Gamers can now test the Mistlands biome and uncover all the things that it has on supply by logging into Valheim.

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