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Italian Prime Minister Conte narrowly asserted himself in a vote of confidence. However, his government is on shaky legs. The goal now is to make the majority firmer, Conte announced.

Rome (AP) – Italy’s minority government is looking for new helpers in parliament after two narrowly won trust issues.

Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte struggled to get a majority of 156 votes in the power process in the smaller Senate on Tuesday evening. A week ago, the small party Italia Viva left the center-left coalition in Rome in the dispute over EU corona aid.

“A government is strong if it can count on at least 170 senators. So now we have to work to strengthen it, “Dario Franceschini, culture minister and a powerful man in the Social Democrats (PD), said Wednesday in the newspaper” La Repubblica “.

Shortly after the Senate vote that night, Conte announced new efforts: “Now the goal is to make this majority even firmer.” There should be talks with several, sometimes small, European friendly forces in the center and on the left.

The 56-year-old attorney’s government, which includes the PD, the Five Star Movement and a left-wing mini-party, gained an absolute majority in the larger Chamber of Deputies on Monday on the first vote of confidence. The politicians of ex-Prime Minister Matteo Renzi’s partner Italia Viva, who had left the country, largely abstained.

In the midst of the Corona crisis, the cabinet of the impartial Conte will soon have to bring central decisions through the bicameral parliament. Italian media assumed that the head of government was weakened despite its partial success. It could topple in the coming weeks, it was said. A vote on the state budget was scheduled for Wednesday in the Senate in Rome. However, it was considered uncritical because longtime coalition partner Italia Vivia had promised her support.

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