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Minneapolis reaches agreement with Floyd family | Free press

Minneapolis (AP) – Nearly a year after the death of African American George Floyd during a police operation in Minneapolis, the city and the family reached an agreement. This provides for the payment of USD 27 million (approximately EUR 22.6 million) as compensation.

City council in the state of Minnesota unanimously approved the deal Friday, Mayor Jacob Frey said at a news conference attended by city officials, members of Floyd and the attorneys.

The “historic agreement” makes it clear that Floyd deserves better than what happened on May 25, 2020 – the day of his death, attorney Ben Crump said. The comparison shows that Floyd’s life counts, that the lives of black people can no longer be dismissed as “trivial or unimportant” and that killing a black person must have consequences.

The unarmed black man was brutally arrested and murdered on May 25. White cop Derek Chauvin pressed his knee against Floyd’s neck for minutes, though Floyd begged to let him breathe. For months after the murder, there were massive protests against police brutality and racism in the United States. Police arrested Floyd on suspicion of paying with a fake $ 20 bill. You were released and charged.

After Floyd’s death, the family had charged not only the four police officers involved, but Minneapolis. The city authorities have been accused of “willful indifference”. They have not taken any action against dangerous police practices and have not properly trained their police officers. In doing so, she promoted a culture of excessive violence and impunity.

The comparison that has now been made only relates to the legal dispute with the city. $ 500,000 of the compensation will go to the historically Black Minneapolis neighborhood where Floyd lived and died.

“We know that no money in the world can ever relieve the intense pain and trauma that George Floyd’s death means to his family,” said city council president Lisa Bender. Floyd’s death changed Minneapolis forever, a city statement said. “Today the healing begins,” said councilor Andrea Jenkins. Floyd’s brother Rodney spoke of a “small, big step.”

Meanwhile, in a court in the city, the selection of the jury for the trial of the main defendant Chauvin continued. He is charged with unintentional manslaughter. They are detained for up to 40 years. He is also charged with second-degree manslaughter, punishable by a further 10 years in prison. On Thursday, the judge also admitted the charges of third-degree murder, which resulted in up to 25 years in prison. The main trial begins on March 29.

City councilor Jenkins called for dreaded riots during the trial to stay peaceful and calm. The three other ex-police officers involved in the operation against Floyd could also face lengthy prison terms if convicted. They are on trial in a separate trial beginning August 23.


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