Ministry distances itself from Telegram Group | Free press


A self-proclaimed veterans group as part of the Corona protest movement raises questions at first glance. The organizers are prisoners of war.

Berlin (dpa) – The Ministry of Defense on Thursday rejected any connection of a Telegram group of alleged veterans to the Bundeswehr.

The group claims to unite former members of the Bundeswehr and the National People’s Army (NVA) and want to lead corona demonstrations. The reservist association warned against the group “Veterans Pool”.

“There is some excitement about a Telegram group here too. In this context we say: it is not an organization of the Bundeswehr ”, the Ministry of Defense wrote on Twitter. And: “We distance ourselves from the content. One thing is clear to us: we will not tolerate extremism and will continue to pursue a zero tolerance line. “

A group called “Veterans for Law & Freedom” has been increasingly discussed on social media since the day before. Experts initially doubted information that actually thousands of former soldiers from East and West have come together under this name. A widespread emblem on the Internet shows a German flag, which combines symbols of the Federal Republic and the GDR.

“We’re not going to go to war. We are at war. It is important to break the spell, ”said the group that addressed members on Thursday as“ comrades ”. According to their names there were also a large number of women among the members. Because of a “rush”, country groups were formed. The group had more than 12,000 members on Thursday.

“This group is trying to recruit soldiers, veterans and reservists to engage them in various disruptive actions against the state,” warned the Reservists Association. “The group speaks openly about war.” It’s about deliberate provocations against the state. Commitment to the free and democratic basic order obliges Bundeswehr reservists to abide by basic law and the democratic state.

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