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Minister of Green Environment caught speeding on the motorway | Free press

A green speedster? And then preachers? After drastically exceeding the pace, the Baden-Württemberg Environment Minister Untersteller is thrown into a bag. His critics demand consequences.

Stuttgart (dpa) – Baden-Württemberg’s environment minister, Franz Untersteller, has put himself in an uncomfortable position as a clear speed sinner.

The Green politician and proponent of a general speed limit of 130 kilometers per hour was arrested by the police at the end of November on Autobahn 8 at a much too high speed.

The green man was gone with 177 things. Only speed 120 was allowed on the part of the highway between Stuttgart and Karlsruhe, where it was stopped by the police. The ministry confirmed the incident reported by the newspaper “Bild”. The minister stressed on Wednesday: “I’m sorry.”

The head of the FDP faction, Hans-Ulrich Rülke, proposed to Untersteller to resign. The Junge Union also considers it untenable. “A minister of the environment demanding a general speed limit and being so much too fast himself has bet all credibility and should resign,” said Philipp Bürkle, the head of the CDU youth organization. “Preaching water and drinking wine – that’s pure green double standards.”

Untersteller declined the demands, saying to the FDP’s address: “I think Mr. Rülke should think more carefully about the crimes for which he makes this demand.” He sees his credibility unaffected: «If I, as a moral apostle, were doing politics with a raised index finger, it could be. But I don’t. The green politician wanted to visit his son, who lives with two children in Frankfurt. The minister explained: “I was on my way to see my family and was in a hurry, I ignored the speed limit and the road conditions made it possible to to drive fast. “

But that is not justification. “I was clearly driving too fast, which shouldn’t happen to me.” He told the newspaper, “Of course, that’s not a violation if you travel above the prescribed speed as clearly as I do.”

The consequences would be a lesson to him. He was banned from driving for four weeks, two points in Flensburg and had to pay a fine of 240 euros. Untersteller promised: “I will certainly be more careful in the future when I am behind the wheel.”


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