Minipreço stores are the new stage for emerging artists during the pandemic


Minipreço stores are the new stage for emerging artists during the pandemic

The background music project gives the culture visibility. Lila, Co $ tanza, and Amaura are some of the names that you will be hearing in the near future.

The world continues to live in extraordinary times due to the new coronavirus pandemic. Because of this, many areas are trying to adapt in order to survive. The fall of music is one of them. With closed halls, conventional concerts became completely impossible for reasons of public health.

The consequences of the pandemic were particularly severe for the lives of artists and professionals who work in the field of culture and who, despite observing all the rules, are unable to work. Fortunately, there are brands with a great social responsibility that make it their business to support the little ones in such difficult times.

Such is the case with Minipreço, which has done everything possible since the beginning of the pandemic to help solidarity institutions, small businesses and national producers. As part of the “Mini Gestos Solidários” movement, the brand supported and supports thousands of people through food support and basic needs. The project has supported dozen of sectors and has also focused on culture since the last month of 2020.

Created by Minipreço, this challenge was launched for the Portuguese in April and asked everyone to spread the word about the many gestures they can make on a daily basis that can inspire others. Deep down, even the smallest of actions can make all the difference in someone else’s life. This is how the Background Music project was born, the aim of which is to make the work of aspiring national artists who have lost their stages due to the virus visible in the mini-preço shops.

“In a context where less than 1 percent of the national budget is devoted to culture and aspiring musicians continue to be affected despite the gradual opening of some markets, we found a good opportunity to help a sector that is directly connected to people and where we can make a difference, ”explains Ricardo Torres Assunção, Director of Communication and Advertising at DIA Portugal.

In an unprecedented initiative, minipreço stores will always have background music from emerging national artists such as Lila, Co $ tanza, Catraia, Janeiro, Amaura, Marvel Lima and Gohu. The aim, of course, is for these artists to find a means of disseminating their work in minipreço shops so that customers can hear and get to know their music.

The proximity banner also uses its digital platforms, social networks and other means to publicize this action and increase its success. A website was created to find more information about the musicians and a playlist on Spotify of the 18 songs by these emerging artists playing in stores.

You can also check out these artists’ online concerts

The free online concerts and shows will continue to accompany thousands of Portuguese companies for years to come. Lila, Co $ tanza, Catraia, Janeiro, Amaura, Marvel Lima and Gohu will perform for you in the coming days. The concerts will be broadcast on the YouTube channel, Instagram and Facebook pages of Minipreço on January 23rd and 24th on January 30th and 31st and February 6th, 7th and 8th.

The main focus of the “Movimento Mini Gestos Solidários” is on the small gestures of each individual, which can and should be shared on the Instagram page @MiniGestosSolidarios, the platform of the most beautiful gestures of the Portuguese.

The Música de Fundo initiative was created by the creative agency Minipreço, NOSSA, to “try to change the minds of some customers and their sense of responsibility on certain issues”.

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