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Mini price for this 256 GB SSD

If you want to improve the performance of your PC or laptop, you can replace your old hard drive with an SSD model, which will allow you to gain in speed but also in energy consumption.

Gigabyte SSDNTD2560: perfect for an operating system

The longest part of starting a computer is booting the operating system, usually Windows, and to save time and increase responsiveness, it’s best to install it on an SSD. After that, it only takes a few seconds to boot up your PC. In this model you can easily put it in a laptop because it is only 7mm thick and you also gain autonomy.

The Gigabyte brand announces good speeds for this SSD drive:

Read Speed: 520MB/Write Speed: 500MB/s

And for the capacity, it’s 256GB, enough to install or clone your operating system as well as some software.

The price is currently 24.99 euros, while the recommended price was 36 euros. If it’s an NVMe M.2 model, we have another good plan from Crucial with a capacity of 1TB.

Why be tempted?

For its speeds, for its laptop power consumption, for its price

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