Millie Bobby Brown, harassed by a fan, is totally crazy about videos


It’s a sobbing Milly Bobby Brown that Stranger Things fans spotted on Instagram. Eleven’s interpreter in Stranger Things confided that he had an argument with an over-persistent fan.

At the end of my rope

Millie Bobby Brown has a habit of posting pictures of her who are particularly happy and smiling on her Instagram. However, it’s sad that her fans discovered her on November 30, 2020. Obviously, the Stranger Things actress, who recently starred in the Netflix movie Enola Holmes, wanted to get on her nerve to share the uncomfortable experience she was having, and to get a message across.

UPDATE: Millie Bobby Brown shares emotional report that she was molested by someone while shopping with her mom for Christmas. Ask people to respect their privacy.

November 30, 2020

While she was shopping with her mother for Christmas, Millie Bobby Brown was stopped by a fan who asked if she could film her. The British actress simply replied that she didn’t want to. Far from being taken apart, the interlocutor filmed it nonetheless while the actress was paying for her purchases at the cash register, despite repeated requests not to do so.

I am a human. What else can i say I kept asking him not to film me.

The actress tearfully spoke to her fans, repeating that, like everyone else, she has the right to respect, and that this is done in particular through respect for her privacy:

I’m making this video to say that we need to be more respectful of others. No matter who they are or what they do, be respectful.

It is recalled that in England, as in the United States, strictly speaking, there is no right to the image. If the actress felt the need to take the case to court, it would not have been possible. Millie Bobby Brown still wanted to reassure her fans:

I am fine now. I was upset at the time because I was feeling unwell and disrespectful. It is important to set boundaries and speak.