Microsoft is the victim of many memes and reacts in the most beautiful ways


The Xbox Series X was unveiled in December 2019 and has been exposed to many kidnappings and memes on the internet due to its atypical, refrigerator-like design. Remarks that made Microsoft holy mockery.

A meme comes true

Remember that devastating tweet after the discovery of Microsoft’s new console that sparked a slew of Xbox Series X memes.

I don’t regret editing this.
It had to be done. #XboxSeriesX

December 13, 2019

The American multinational, aligned with the original design of its next-gen console, responded in the best possible way. In fact, on the occasion of his birthday, the rapper Snoop Dogg and the American YouTuber iJustine received two refrigerators with the same characteristics as the Xbox X series. A third copy of this incredible refrigerator can be won on social networks.

With that signature Xbox Series X sound when the door is opened, the ports on the front and back, and the Xbox logo that lights up when you plug it in, this fridge will make you feel like you’re throwing a part of Halo when you originally got one Wanted to take a water bottle.

Rest assured, the real home console is still expected for November 10th.