Micromania makes an announcement that will displease gamers who pre-ordered the console

Brands and companies are again forced to close after the announcement of a new detention last night. A delicate situation for some stores like Micromania, which are forced to adapt to the approach of the PS5 (November 19th) and Xbox series (November 10th) releases.

Panic on board

While video game and electronics retailers were ready to kick off the main season of the year, a one-month limit has now set in. An event that won’t facilitate sales of the new next generation consoles expected in mid-November

As a result, Micromania has taken the lead and taken steps to ensure the PS5’s smooth sales. In a statement posted on social networks, the video game reseller advises that as of today, its customers will have to move to the store where the product reservation was made in order to prepay for the console. In addition to this measure, the brand forces its buyers to pay shipping costs.

The Xbox series release is also likely to be hindered, but Micromania hasn’t commented on it yet. With an upcoming statement from the group expected, Microsoft gamers are sure to be in the same boat as their Sony counterparts.

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