Mickey Rourke spits soup and insults MCU actors

It must be said that when Mickey Rourke has something to say, he is bluntly saying it! The American actor used his limitation to discover a 20-year-old series that was broadcast on television and did not hesitate to beat Marvel Studios by attacking the acting of the legendary stars of the MCU.

Bitter memory of Iron Man 2, but a new fan of an old series

In fact, Mickey Rourke, who played Ivan Vanko in Iron Man 2 from 2010, let go of the MCU on Instagram and not shredded words to settle up with Marvel. In 2014, the actor returned for his only participation in a Marvel production. It was during the Seth Meyers Show that he stated that he was disappointed with the final cut of Iron Man 2. Rourke hadn’t come all the way and regretted that the studio had stopped all of its “damn work”. A “damn job” that had taken a lot of preparation in turn. The latter had come into contact with the prisoners in a Russian prison to soak up the atmosphere. He had also learned to speak English with a Russian accent. It seems the actor still holds a grudge years later.

A strong opinion on the performance of Marvel actors

In a post on his Instagram account, he again criticized Marvel productions. So if we read the description of his last release, we learn that he took advantage of the limitation to discover a series that aired on American television for several years. This series is none other than Law & Order: SVU, namely New York Special Unit in French.

He explains that he had never heard of it before his isolation. Stumbled upon the program by accident, we can say that he became a fan of it until he praised the acting qualities of the cast of the detective series:

I turned on the TV by mistake and then out of curiosity and I have to say I have never seen such a solid game on TV.

The former boxer is not that kind to MCU players, however. But on the contrary! He even decided to put the boxing gloves back on for an uppercut that may not appeal to the main actors and Marvel Studios. At the end of his contribution, he congratulates the actors of the Special Unit New York and compares their performances with those offered to us in the Marvel films:

Respect for all of you, the work you do is real acting work, not like the shit you see on Marvel.

Obviously, Mickey Rourke will not make friends with the Avengers with such a declaration, and we risk not seeing him again in a Marvel movie soon. However, that will give him time to chain the episodes of the New York Special Unit.

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