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Michael Jackson could have played Spider-Man

When we think of Spider-Man, we inevitably picture the face of Tobey Maguire, the first actor to portray the superhero on the big screen. However, Spider-Man could have been interpreted by Michael Jackson if the pop star’s plans had come to fruition.

Michael Jackson dreamed of playing Spider-Man

Imagine a world where pop star Michael Jackson lent his facial features to Spider-Man. That could have happened if the King of Pop’s plans had come to fruition. In fact, as Screen Rant reports, Michael Jackson wanted at all costs to be the first to play Spider-Man in his adaptation on the big screen. The singer, who is known for not doing anything like the others, had no intention of passing the audition at Marvel Studios to land the role.

No, Michael Jackson saw further: he wanted to buy Marvel and thus make his dream of playing Spider-Man a reality. As Taj, the star’s nephew, revealed on a 2020 episode of Popcorned Planet, it wasn’t just a whim on the part of the artist: “I remember hanging out with him and my brothers to talk to them about the purchase speaking of marvel he wanted to do that with stan lee they had talked about it and discussed it unfortunately it didn’t happen i think they were blocked from doing that”.

Michael Jackson wanted to buy Marvel with Stan Lee

That Michael Jackson believed strongly in his project was because he had the support of Stan Lee, whom he met in the ’90s: the two businessmen had decided to join forces to buy the Marvel company, which at one time suffered severe financial difficulties. The screenwriter revealed a few years later that all the King of Pop’s hopes were in vain: “Michael thought I was the one who could get him the rights to be in a Spider-Man movie, but I’m not sure if he just did it.” wanted to produce…or whether he wanted to play the character.”

We don’t know why Michael Jackson’s takeover plans failed. Despite this, the singer died on June 25, 2009, a few months before Disney put the hook on the Marvel company. Spider-Man’s exploitation rights remained with Sony Pictures, allowing Tobey Maguire to play the superhero for a trilogy, and then Andrew Garfield lending his attributes to Spider-Man for both Amazing Spider-Man films. If Michael Jackson does not interpret the superhero, he is entitled to a biopic, but risking sharing more than one!


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