Michael J. Fox repeats his role as Marty McFly

Name of Zeus! 30 years after his last appearance, Michael J. Fox has returned to the service with his cult role as Marty McFly.

Eastwood … Clint Eastwood …

Recall the memorable scenes in Back to the Future 3 where Marty McFly, dressed like Clint Eastwood in the mythical Dollar trilogy, goes on insane adventures in the great American West that lead him to an ultimate confrontation with the terror from Hill Valley, Bufford “Molosse” firs. One final duel itself, inspired by that dollar trilogy by Sergio Leone, in which Marty wears a bulletproof plate under his poncho, regarding the ending of For a Fistful of Dollars. Worship isn’t it? For nostalgic people it is known that Michael J. Fox can be seen again under the guise of Marty McFly on the occasion of the publication of a teaser for the clip “Holiday” by rapper Lil Nas X. A short appearance, of course, but not without humor, as Marty warns the rapper not to leave in 2020:

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Whatever you do, Nas is not going particularly well in 2020.

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