Last week, Burger King did a nice publicity stunt with a media advert to encourage people to endorse restaurants called “Order at McDonald’s”. The brand had decided to launch a call to encourage consumers to keep ordering from restaurant chains, and even promote their eternal competitor! This weekend, it’s up to METRO to publish a column in response to Burger King to thank the American fast food company.

METRO answers and thanks Burger King for its call to solidarity

In fact, when the Burger King message was hijacked, the wholesaler METRO published a supplement entitled “THANKS BURGER KING” in response to the message of support circulated in the national press last weekend.

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METRO declares that “it is important to mobilize” to ensure the salvation of “the catering and especially the 200,000 independent restaurants that struggle to survive alone every day”. The vendor encourages customers to order meals from their favorite restaurants in their neighborhood, both delivery and take-away, to ensure they can “have a good restaurant with friends when the tightness is over”.

The message ends with a bite to eat at Burger King, as METRO reminds you that ordering “a Whopper is nice, but a blanquette from Lulu or a risotto with Saint-Jacques from Françoise, it’s still not bad, no more”.

In a press release published on social networks, Pascal Peltier, future head of METRO France, thanked the head of Burger King, the fast food restaurant for this operation and underlined the importance of “solutions that are available today to make this possible” Institutions to continue their work and to survive. “He calls for solidarity and cares for one another.