Meta Platforms partnered with an e-commerce technology firm to create 3D Ads

Users of Meta Platforms can now run 3D ads on Facebook and Instagram through a new partnership with a company that helps businesses sell things online.

Brands will be able to easily turn their 3D models into ads on social media thanks to the integration with VNTANA, VNTANA said in a press release Thursday.

Step one: VNTANA CEO Ashley Crowder says the move is a step toward advertising in the metaverse, which is a group of virtual worlds that can be accessed through different devices, like headsets. Meta Files for 8 Web 3 Trademarks and plans for a dating app for people who invest in crypto.

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If Meta doesn’t help build the metaverse, it won’t be able to stay in business for very long. They are also working to move from 2D to 3D representations of their beauty, fashion, and furniture products. Crowder: “The metaverse is basically the internet in the sky.” You can open up a whole new world of possibilities if you have the right 3D models of your goods.

The 3D ads on Facebook and Instagram can be seen on a computer or a smartphone. Users can interact with an image of a handbag, for example, and move it around to see it from all sides. The director of augmented reality partnerships at Meta’s Reality Labs unit said, “In a sense, this gives you a taste of what you might see on future devices like AR glasses.” This is what he said.

It used to be that advertisers would have to change 3D files so that Meta’s ad systems could use them. Before VNTANA’s integration with Meta, this was not the case. Crowder said that now, brands can use VNTANA to quickly upload and convert the files into ads without having to know how to work with 3D images.

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