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Messages, piropos and pinanços: the unforgettable night of poetry in “Hell’s Kitchen”

Messages, piropos and pinanços: the unforgettable night of poetry in “Hell’s Kitchen”

In the most memorable episode of the show, the whistleblower, the trailer hitch and more clothes were washed than in 5àSec.

It was immediately clear to us that the night of this Sunday, February 6th, was going to be different when Olga left the threat. “If I lose my temper, the GNR or the PSP will have to come and capture me,” he shot to the cameras while commenting on the anticipated heated discussion with Catarina.

In a nod to the late Marco from the first Big Brother, the silent cook decided to show how she behaves outside of the kitchen: “I nail it a few cracks and take it all apart”. The confrontation smoldered for several episodes. Catarina didn’t stay: “One thing is for sure: I can get out, but she’s following me.”

In any other episode, the epic battle between the two red team contenders would be the big event. This was not the case, all thanks to the service whistleblower.

Realizing she was leaving – and removing her cloak – Viktororiia decided it was time to implement the scorched earth tactic. In the event of an impending defeat, everything is set on fire to destroy those who remain. And if this wasn’t the best moment ever on Hell’s Kitchen, I don’t know what else to expect from this pot-to-pot reality show.

Since the second episode, a strange phenomenon has befallen the competition. The blue team disappeared after a brilliant debut – according to Stanisic the best service ever – and were never seen in action again. Even with the supposedly best chefs, even with the transfer of the best from the other team, the Blues never met again.

In this Sunday’s episode, they faced a ragged red team. Stuck with the team at lunch, Mathieu saw his ability to help colleagues diminish. Carlos, who was busy making a cake, wasn’t much help either. To top it off, Olga was in charge of the lead.

Olga disappeared, bumped into Catarina, was always more busy talking to the cameras than cooking – Tiago warned her that “the team was fed up”, that she was always “trying to draw attention” – and herself then the blues couldn’t escape the other pity. Why? Apparently someone would care more about warming up female competitors than warming up the dishes.

Called in front of Stanisic and accompanied by Pedro, asked to “say something” before leaving. And, dear ones, what’s happening is worthy of the reality show Hall of Fame. With a height of one and a half meters and a strong Beira accent, the Ukrainian made sure that those who stayed behind are not innocent.

The first targets were Rafael – who would even be expelled moments later – and Pedro. “You two, get out of your way. If you have both problems, solve them. When we come together, it is not to argue, but to clear our doubts.”

“You’re a person of experience, you’re a very handsome boy and blah blah blah, but that’s all. You have to help,” he clarified to Rafael. But there was more trouble to make – and laundry to do. The next target: Peter.

“And you too,” he turned to his colleague, who replied with a “right”. “It’s not right Vicky, it’s not pretty for the cameras and fuck me in front of me,” he concluded. What Peter did not expect is that the choice of verb was not accidental.

According to the competitor, Pedro would be less involved in learning and preparing for ministry and more involved in other types of ministry performed in the home where participants lived during the program. “Instead of texting girls, invite them, pin them, invite them and study. And here it is.”

It’s not easy to leave Stanisic stunned and in awe. But that’s exactly what happened. “Who are you, Vitkoriia?” he asked before hugging her, citing her as an example and—again in extremis—guaranteeing the competitor avoid another ejection. We’ve critiqued the show for it before, but let’s face it, if Hell’s Kitchen is going to go the direct and hard-hitting reality show route, it needs a whistleblower on duty. And when Viktoriia unmasks a playboy faster than she serves a cold flounder – that’s commendable.

“It’s very ugly what he’s doing,” Viktoriia returned to the attack. “He was basically texting all the girls.” And in another unpredictable twist, it’s Olga who reveals that she was Pedro’s first target. “I was the first to receive messages and pranks,” she explains. “Just be a woman.”

However, Peter has a perfectly reasonable explanation for being so effective with his fingers on the keyboard. “Sometimes we drink alcohol, a guy is alone and they’re single too,” he explains. Thanks to Viktoriia who finally revealed the reason for the blue team’s failure to Stanisic’s delight.

The solution to beat the red team again? Convince Pedro that the mise en place is only prepared in the kitchen. Come on, it’s free.


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