“MesaLuisa”: The program of the mother of Salvador and Luísa Sobral is back


“MesaLuisa”: The program of the mother of Salvador and Luísa Sobral is back

The second season of the culinary format debuts this Wednesday at SIC Mulher.

The first season debuted in December.

“MesaLuisa”, the program by Luísa Villar, is back on SIC Mulher for a second season this Wednesday, May 12th. This allows you to relax and immerse yourself in the past of Portuguese cuisine, with new inventions and tips that are accessible to everyone who loves cooking – and who is not looking for great art objects to be able to surprise at the table.

In each episode, Luísa and the audience face different challenges: Together they have to interpret and follow the recipes of old books. You will adapt them to the present, fill the gap between the past and present of the kitchen, and add current and important issues such as sustainability, food waste, reuse and appreciation of national products.

Several cookbooks are used as the basis for creating a full menu that the hostess serves her special guests each week. Luísa Villar is the mother of the musicians Luísa and Salvador Sobral and had a studio in Lisbon where she held workshops on healthy eating. “MesaLuisa” originally made its debut with SIC Mulher in December. Read the humorist Miguel Lambertini’s chronicle about the program.