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“Mesaluisa”: Cooking for both is Luísa Villar’s great specialty

“Mesaluisa”: Cooking for both is Luísa Villar’s great specialty

The humorist and chronicler Miguel Lambertini analyzes the cooking program of the mother of Salvador and Luísa Sobral.

The program premiered in December.

There are two activities that relax me and one of them is cutting my hair. In addition to the cut itself, today, with the exception of classic neighborhood baetas, there is no room in which none of these wonderful hair massages can be performed. After trying this finger and bubble bath on my scalp, I can finally see the herbal essences ad in which a woman is delighted in the shower and screams “yes, yes, yes” while washing her hair.

This is exactly my reaction when I get a massage like this, so I was forbidden from going to the hairdresser that I used to go to. Until I find a place of the same quality, another thing that relaxes me a lot is watching cooking shows. Apart from the “MasterChef”, which is very stressful, the programs in which chefs cook alone relax me a lot, especially during this time in prison. It seems to me that the fact that all the ingredients are neatly arranged in bowls adds a great deal to that sense of calm that I feel when looking at a program of this type. The thing is, when I’m cooking it usually looks like a WWI campaign infirmary.

On TV, it always seems like Marie Kondo came over and left it in a feng shui earring. Interestingly, there is a cooking program that I recently discovered that is neither so polished nor white and perfectly arranged. It’s called Mesaluisa and can be seen in SIC Mulher. According to the table of contents, it should serve as a journey into the past of Portuguese cuisine.

Who takes us on this journey is Luísa Villar, a woman full of colors and with a relaxation that makes us feel like we are in the kitchen of a friend of an aunt of ours or maybe an aunt of ours – if they have aunts in Campo de Ourique – or even in our own mother, on the rare occasion that they are Portuguese musicians who won the Eurovisão da Canção Festival. This is because the host of the program is the mother of Luísa and Salvador Sobral and therefore she spent many years of her life cooking for both of them. I apologize for this pun, but I’ve been closed at home with my kids for two weeks.

In the episode that I saw, Luisa makes dishes from a recipe book called “Doces e Cozinhados Isalita”, one of those old books that existed in our grandmothers’ days and that present improved dishes, but with simple language Decrypt. It is not like today when the recipes were supposed to come with a translator to understand what they mean by the following sentences: “Put the red onion reduction and port on the steak that was required for sealing and add Add the roughly chopped mushrooms. “What about rough stinging? Does it call mushrooms names while they are being cut? “Take it, you mushroom, you have the mania that you are mushroom, but you’re just a mushroom shovel!” In fact, I even picture Ljubomir when I see it.

In addition to preparing a meal – this time as a starter, green cod and pineapple for dessert – Luísa always invites public figures to sit with you at the table and swap stories and flavors. In the last episode, the director António Pedro Vasconcelos and the casting director Patrícia Vasconcelos touched the door. I don’t know what’s wrong with the Portuguese directors, but there is a longevity trend here that should be explored. António Pedro is 81 years old but appears to be less than 20 years old and because of this floor he is very well placed to surpass the brand of his professional colleague Manoel de Oliveira.

The director has an enviable presence and when Luísa serves pineapple with pesto, António Pedro asks, “Is this what’s left of the cod?” And he added, “Do you know why the Mediterranean peoples always end their meals with anecdotes?” And I was like, “Why are you usually pretty drunk?” But António Pedro explained: “Because laughter works like a digestive tract”. And it was there that I discovered the secret of the vitality of this talented director: whenever possible, have a glass of the best things in life, such as laughter. Either that or a hair massage.



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