Merry and Pippin get together on this crazy new project


A note to all The Lord of the Rings fans, a new project related to your favorite franchise has just seen the light of day and was launched by the actors who play Merry and Pippin. This news is already available on the internet and fans are already rushing to find out more. We take stock.

The Lord of the Rings actor based on the trilogy

As we know, the main characters in the Lord of the Rings trilogy had busy lives for the most part after the success of the films. Elijah Wood, for example, has worked in the world of dubbing, specifically playing the role of Patrick in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

Actors Dominic Monaghan and Billy Boyd, who each play the roles of Merry and Pippin, are starting their new project that should appeal to many fans of The Lord of the Rings.

Dominic Monaghan and Billy Boyd’s new project

Actors Dominic Monaghan and Billy Boyd’s brand new project will appeal to more than one internet user as it is a podcast reminiscent of the franchise of successful films. The famous duo will launch the podcast “The Friendship Onion” on May 18th. According to the first details we got in this podcast, the two comedians will combine knowledge and humor weekly to explore theories and the latest news about the Lord of the Rings.

It is also very likely that this legendary duo will return to the series prepared by Amazon Prime. In any case, the two actors confirmed that this podcast would be an opportunity to reveal exclusive anecdotes about the shootings and that unexpected guests would appear during the various programs. Here for those interested the teaser of the show Frenship Onion:

Colin Thompson, CEO of Kast Media who produces this podcast, said for our colleagues at Deadline:

We couldn’t be more excited than to feature the comedic genius of this duo in a new podcast. Fans were introduced to the quick-witted and fun-loving jokes of this pairing through the Lord of the Rings films, but this podcast will show how limitless their energy and interest is beyond this origin story.

Do you think this podcast might appeal to you? Understanding English will of course be necessary to fully appreciate Monaghan and Boyd’s new project, but the work of understanding could be worth the candle. In any case, you can answer our survey as well as the comment section to get an idea of ​​your enthusiasm (or not) for this new project.