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Berlin (dpa) – Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) has defended the continuation of the lockdown in Germany. There is currently a very mixed picture, she said in Berlin on Thursday.

First, the new infections finally went down. “This shows that the tough cuts that people in Germany have been dealing with for weeks, are starting to bear fruit. And it actually shows it’s worth it, ”Merkel said. At the same time, the daily death toll is alarmingly high. “These are not just numbers, these are people who died in solitude, these are fortunes, these are families mourning them,” the chancellor emphasized.

In addition, the mutation of the virus is a great danger. Everything indicates that the mutated virus is many times more contagious than the known. The spread of this mutation must be slowed down as much as possible. If you wait now, a third, possibly even more violent wave of the pandemic cannot be prevented, Merkel warned. “We can still prevent that,” she emphasized. “There is still time to avoid the danger of this mutated virus.”

All additional constraints served the provision for the land, for the health of the citizens and also for the economy, the world of work and culture. “Everything serves to control and eventually overcome the pandemic this year,” Merkel emphasizes.

Merkel expressed his understanding for dissatisfaction and frustration with the corona pandemic. “This pandemic is a catastrophe of the century in the sense of a natural disaster. This pandemic is rightly seen by everyone as an imposition, ”she said. In view of the many restrictions on families, culture and business, she added, “It would be very surprising if patience were not really put to the extreme, and we are well aware of that.” Winter is grabbing everyone’s nerves.

Still, there are reasons for hope, Merkel emphasizes. Compared to the Spanish flu, which circulated after the First World War, people are much better off. Vaccines are already available and we know how to get out of the crisis, the chancellor said. Despite all the repression, the situation is completely different from a hundred years ago. Nevertheless, “It’s a difficult time.” There is nothing to say away.

Financial support for those who need to buy FFP2 masks is not a problem for the federal government yet. However, if the restrictions persist for a long time, one must “of course also consider whether we should help again on this point,” said Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU). But that has not yet been discussed. “If this continues for weeks with mandatory medical masks, it will certainly remain a topic of conversation,” Merkel emphasized.

So far, the federal government has supplied the particularly good winter protective FFP-2 masks to 34 million people, including all 60-year-olds. A contribution of two euros is provided for each six masks.

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