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Merkel defends new debt: «exceptional situation» | Free press

The corona pandemic presents great challenges for everyone. The federal government plans high debts in its budget to meet certain hardships. This is due to the current “exceptional situation”, said Chancellor Merkel.

Berlin (dpa) – Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) has defended the high level of the new debt in the budget and referred to the challenges of the corona pandemic.

“We live (…) in an exceptional situation,” Merkel said Wednesday during the general debate in the Bundestag. “And we have to do something to make sure that we act in a special way in this particular situation, and this is what this budget expresses.” New loans of almost 180 billion euros are planned for next year.

To combat the Corona crisis, Merkel called on the population to show solidarity: “The main key to successfully fighting the virus in our country is the responsible behavior of each individual and the willingness to participate.” The Chancellor said the current development of the infections is of particular concern. “We must do everything we can to prevent exponential growth again.”

Merkel said the pandemic could reorganize the balance of power economically. She pointed out that the Chinese economy is projected to grow this year, while the economies in the US and Germany will contract. The economic malaise in Germany is less than in Great Britain or France, for example.

Germany must do everything in its power to ensure that the recovery path after the economic downturn can continue in the second quarter. The German economy grew surprisingly strongly in the third quarter. It’s important that Germany is one of the countries that successfully overcame the crisis, Merkel said. In this regard, she spoke of a “global systems competition” in view of China.

AfD party chairman Alice Weidel had previously criticized the previous corona restrictions: ‘Even after nine months you still wander around in the fog and you cling to the inappropriate wooden hammer method’ lockdown ‘, which causes more collateral damage than is useful in combat. against the coronavirus’ said Weidel.


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