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Berlin (dpa) – Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) has called for more speed in digital change in Germany. Speed ​​is a huge problem, Merkel said at the federal government’s digital summit Tuesday.

“The urgency in many areas is still insufficiently recognized, that this will all change and that at some point we will just be the last.”

Earlier, the chairman of the industry association Bitkom, Achim Berg, had made it clear that the biggest problem was that many things in Germany were going too slowly. He is very annoyed that there has been no progress in education and administration in Germany, Berg said in an interview with the Chancellor.

Merkel also expects a debate in Germany on data protection and vaccinations in the corona pandemic. “How do I actually find out about the vulnerable group in Germany? What data can I bring with me? “It is important to identify the people who have been ill before. Moreover, the data has not yet been sufficiently digitized.

The Chancellor also made it clear that countries like China or South Korea could be among the winners of the crisis economically. “Where do we come from there? Where does China come from? Where does South Korea come from? If they all wear their masks much better and don’t have that many lateral thinker demos, but have an economic revival in the meantime, the question arises where Europe will end up after this pandemic. ‘

Merkel defended the privacy-friendly decentralized storage concept of the German Corona warning app. “The app lives on the fact that as many people as possible participate.” To get the app up and running quickly, they didn’t want to afford a major cultural discussion about a central or decentralized storage concept. The alternative app model in France with central storage was not successful, also because the Bluetooth technology does not work well there.

The application in South Korea, which evaluates GPS location data, is also not suitable as a model. “The app can see 500 meters and anyone who is infected in the circle is sent to quarantine. That is not our model of society, ”Merkel said. But it makes sense to expand the German app. A voluntary data donation feature will be offered soon. “And maybe a lot of people will donate the data we need for research.”

When asked how the technology will develop over the next ten years, Merkel expressed the expectation that digital applications will be integrated even more into daily life. She hopes the new techniques will keep you in touch with your home even better. “It is all still very much the preserve of an elite who can do it all. That will be a mass phenomenon. She also hoped for a different approach to social media. “That we don’t waste so much time there. That we not only linger in our own corner, but also learned to discuss again. At the moment it is very stimulating for society. “

Federal Minister of Economy Peter Altmaier (CDU) also sees the Corona crisis as an opportunity to accelerate digital change in Germany. Digitization is key to Germany’s competitiveness as a location, the CDU politician said at the federal government’s online digital summit Tuesday. It is not yet clear how long the cards will be distributed worldwide.

As a result of the crisis, broad sections of the population were aware of digitization, Altmaier said in view of video conferencing, for example. He made it clear that there is still some catching up to do in Germany, for example in digital school lessons, in the platform economy and in data sovereignty. The minister spoke of a “difficult and rocky road”. It is also about combining digitization and climate protection.

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