Merkel against equality of testing and vaccination | Free press


Berlin (AP) – Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) warned before the afternoon federal and state vaccination summit against equating vaccinated and tested people in the discussion about the return of freedoms.

According to participants, Merkel said in a meeting of the CDU presidency on Monday that what applies to fully vaccinated people cannot apply to those who have been tested. The security of vaccination is much more robust than the security of tests. First, the newspaper “Bild” reported on the quotes.

Those who participated in subsequent online consultations of the CDU’s larger federal executive branch were said to have spoken of positive progress in vaccination at the outset, CDU boss Armin Laschet. Already in the presidium it was mainly about coping with the corona pandemic.

The newspaper “Bild” also reported that Health Minister Jens Spahn (CDU) had said in the Presidium that the rules should remain with distance and masks until group immunity was achieved. It is also a major challenge to promote vaccination among migrants.

The Federal Government’s Migration Commissioner, Annette Widmann-Mauz, also spoke about the problems reaching out to migrants on the subject of Corona. This does not work in conventional ways. Like the Chancellor, Spahn warned against lifting the prioritization across the board.

CDU Deputy Julia Klöckner spoke out before the vaccination summit for giving back certain freedoms to those who had been vaccinated. When asked when the vaccination priority should fall, she said before the CDU presidency hybrid meeting that this also had to do with how far along vaccination progress was. The federal states are making very different progress here.

Vaccinated people should quickly regain certain freedoms that were temporarily restricted, Klöckner said. It is also clear: “People need perspective”, because for many the ceiling is falling. At the same time, the expert advice must be listened to. “I think summer will give us a lot of air again,” emphasized Klöckner. When asked if people could go on a summer vacation, she replied, “I’m confident. Nevertheless, we have to look at the facts. Klöckner added, “Because in the end we want to move forward and not fall back again.”

From the point of view of Karin Maag (CDU), health policy spokeswoman of the parliamentary group of the Union in the Bundestag, the basic rights of vaccinated persons with full vaccination protection “should not be further restricted”. This also applies to those who have recovered and are no longer contagious according to the PCR test and have already received a vaccination, she told the “Welt”.

SPD group leader Dirk Wiese told the World that in view of the vaccination campaign, which is likely to continue quickly in May, a quick clarification is needed on how vaccinated people and their genesis should regain their basic rights. Here the federal state assembly must deliver a “clear agreement on the course of events”.

Green MP Manuela Rottmann also spoke out for the fact that fundamental rights should only be limited for as long as is necessary to combat the pandemic. Mask requirement and distance in public spaces should initially be adhered to for everyone.

The FDP is also calling for more rights for those vaccinated and those recovered. The Corona emergency brake prevents vaccinated people from meeting, criticized the parliamentary director of the FDP faction, Marco Buschmann, in the ARD “Morgenmagazin” on Monday. That was “a very serious mistake,” he said, calling for a swift legislative change.