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Several members of the Bundestag today present a cross-party proposal for a new regulation on euthanasia. Words of caution come from the Patient Protection Foundation.

Berlin (dpa) – Following the ruling of the Federal Constitutional Court on euthanasia, a cross-party initiative for a new regulation is emerging in the Bundestag.

MEPs Karl Lauterbach (SPD), Katrin Helling-Plahr (FDP) and Petra Sitte (left) want to present a bill in Berlin today. The aim is to create legal certainty for all involved and also to give those affected access to medication for suicide.

At the beginning of last year, Karlsruhe judges overturned a ban on commercial euthanasia that had existed since 2015 – it violates the individual’s right to self-determined death. “Business” has nothing to do with money, but means “designed for repetition”. The verdict opens the door to organized offers. However, the judges pointed to the possibility of regulation – such as advice obligations and waiting times.

The German Patient Protection Foundation warned that it is not just about seriously ill at the end of their lives. “We must also look at people full of life, lonely, in need of care and mentally ill,” said Eugen Brysch, board member of the German news agency.

The group of representatives should therefore also clarify how repeated assisted suicide by doctors, individuals or institutions should be regulated. “Any organized suicide aid requires the self-determination of the person who wants to commit suicide. But which person and which institution can test free will formation against which general criteria? Brysch also stressed that paid-for assisted suicide should be punishable.

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