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More than a third of the members of the Bundestag report additional income. A total of 53 million euros. More than 62 percent of this amount comes from politicians from the Union and FDP.

Berlin (DPA) – According to a study, members of the Bundestag have gained an estimated 53 million euros in additional revenue during the current legislature.

As the “Süddeutsche Zeitung” reported, citing a survey by IG Metall’s Otto Brenner Foundation, more than a third (261) of MPs reported additional income. Most of them came from the Union (41.8 percent) and FDP (20.3 percent) factions.

To this end, the foundation has evaluated the publicly available information on the additional income of members of the Bundestag on the Bundestag website. Activities outside the mandate of the Bundestag are generally permitted. However, the revenues from this must be reported to the Bundestag presidency above a certain amount and are published on the Bundestag website under “Information to be published” – but so far only in rough increments of 1000 euros and above.

Breakdown by parties

According to the evaluation, 62 percent of FDP MPs had sideline activities in the current term; in the Union it was 43 percent, followed by the AfD (32 percent), the left (26 percent), the SPD (22 percent) and the Greens (21 percent). According to the report, the foundation has been investigating the additional income of MPs since 2009. At the first balance sheet at the end of the 2009 to 2013 legislature, this would have been an estimated EUR 30 million.

After the so-called mask affair in the Bundestag, parliament adopted stricter rules for MPs in June. Penalties for bribery have been tightened, the acceptance of funds has been banned and the obligation to report additional income has been relaxed. In the future, additional income from EUR 3000 per year will have to be reported to the President of the Bundestag. Until now, the annual limit was 10,000 euros. In addition, the additional income will no longer be published in rough steps, but accurately to the cent.

The 709 members of the Bundestag currently receive a parliamentary allowance (diet) of €10,012.89 per month. The diets should be taxed. There is also a monthly tax-free lump sum for the maintenance of the electoral office at home and the second home in Berlin of EUR 4560.59 per month.

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