Meetings of “unconventional thinkers” in Dresden remain prohibited | Free press

There is talk of “unacceptable dangers for those involved and passers-by”: meetings of “silk cherry” in Dresden remain prohibited. The decision of the higher administrative court is indisputable.

Bautzen / Dresden (dpa) – The Saxon Higher Administrative Court on Friday evening upheld the ban on gatherings of “silk cherry” in Dresden.

The court assumed unacceptable dangers for those involved and passers-by, said a spokeswoman. Due to the above-average number of infections and the spread of more infectious virus variants, there is an unforeseeable risk. Milder means, such as limiting the number of participants, are also ineffective, according to the Senate. This has been shown by experience with previous demonstrations. It is to be expected that, despite the hygiene concept presented, the organizer will not be able to ensure compliance with the concept and a limited number of participants. The decision of the higher administrative court is indisputable.

The Dresden Administrative Court had previously upheld the ban imposed by the city of Dresden on Thursday evening. All scheduled substitute events are also prohibited. In addition, the city of Dresden has also banned a meeting of the AfD with about 500 registered participants. Despite the bans, the Dresden police are preparing for a large-scale operation on Saturday.

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