Where to find the Meeting Place Map in Elden Ring?

Elden Ring is one of the leading games out there. It has created a buzz since the moment it stepped into the industry. However, the game somewhere makes it impossible to progress narratives due to the lack of a logbook or mission markers. That is especially true when players want to enter the Raya Lucaria Academy. When they make their way over the bridge to the school, a blue barrier guards the gate, which is a true hurdle for them. That’s where a Meeting Place Map in Elden Ring comes into the role. It allows players to bypass this blue barrier, thus helping them to proceed. 

While the Meeting Place Map isn’t required to pass through the gate, it does provide access to the item that allows them to do so. The Academy Glintstone Key is a needed item found in Liurnia of the Lakes. Of course, players must first locate the map to obtain the key to Elden Ring.

Here’s a comprehensive guide to finding the Meeting Place Map in Elden Ring. Keep scrolling the page and check if you find the post helpful. 

What is Elden Ring?

Before jumping into the Meeting Place Map Elden Ring, let’s first understand about the general gameplay. The team behind the critically acclaimed Dark Souls series has produced Elden Ring, a dark fantasy action role-playing game (RPG).

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When it was introduced at E3 2019, it swiftly rose to the top of several “most anticipated” lists, thanks to the involvement of Game of Thrones author George R.R. Martin. Martin moved on to focus on computer games instead of finishing The Winds of Winter and A Dream of Spring. No matter whatever measurable parameters you will consider, Elden Ring is one of the top video games.

Elden Ring’s world is intimidatingly enormous. It may not sound like much of a compliment, but trust us when we say that after spending 50 hours or more on a video game for review, you don’t want to put any more time into it unless it’s fantastic.

The game suffuses the core DNA of previous games, including the sensitive gameplay, the scary yet intriguing aesthetic, and, yes, the difficulty that players might face throughout a third-person open-world scenario.

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What is Meeting Place Map In Elden Ring?

Elden Ring has an item called the Meeting Place Map, which helps gamers to enjoy it like a pro. The Academy Glint Stone Key is located on the Meeting Place Map. Elden Ring boasts several items, including a range of artifacts. You can simply find them in specified locations or given by relevant NPCs to access sections and complete missions.

Where to Find Meeting Place Maps Elden Ring?

Now, here is the point comes where you can find the meeting map in the Elden Ring. Players who have made it to the top of the bridge with the blue gated barrier have already reached the Meeting Place Map in Elden Ring. South Raya Lucaria Gate is the specific Site of Grace that players aspire to visit or uncover.

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This location can also be reached by passing through Academy Gate Town to the southeast of the Academy and ascending the broken bridge. The best way to get to this area is to follow the bridge on the world map.

A dead body will lay on the railing at the top of the bridge to the left of the blue barrier, near the South Raya Lucaria Gate Site of Grace. Players can take the Meeting Place Map from this body as an artifact.

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They can also locate the Meeting Place Map in their inventory by going to the Key Items area. When they click on this item, a map with a red circled location appears. The Academy Glintstone Key, which allows players to bypass the blue barrier, may be found here.

The island directly west of the Academy is indicated on the map. It’s the right-hand island that’s the furthest from the mainland. A Glintstone Dragon guards the island, but players are not required to combat it. They only need to look beneath the dragon’s resting place to locate a chest with the Academy Glintstone Key.

Using this key on the blue barrier at the South Raya Lucaria Site of Grace admits players to the Academy from where they can continue their Elden Ring quest.

What does Meeting Place Map Elden Ring Do?

The Meeting Place Map in Elden Ring will direct players to the Glintstone Key, which might be the only method to break the gigantic blue seal and gain Raya Lucaria’s Academy of Magic. The Glintstone Key may be located in the swamp to the west on a massive outcropping of rock.

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The bad news is guarded by a big and strong Glintstone Dragon, although it does not need to be attacked. Players who believe they will be unable to defeat the creature should hurry beneath it to a rocky outcropping where the Glintstone Key can be discovered on one of three bodies.

After obtaining the Glintstone Key from the Meeting Place Map, players can return to the South Raya Lucaria Gate and use it to dispel the seal and gain the Academy. Sounds interesting, isn’t it??


That’s all about the Meeting Place Map in Elden Ring. This game is packed with mysteries, story-related artifacts, and other surprises for gamers. The Meeting Place Map is one of those items that some players may need to locate, while others will come across randomly. We hope you have liked the article and found it worth your time. For more updates, you stay connected with us!!