Medical chef warns against hasty relaxation corona free press


After a downward trend, the number of new corona infections has been increasing for two weeks. Frank Ulrich Montgomery, president of the World Medical Association, warns: “Opening everything now would be extremely dangerous.”

Berlin (AP) – The president of the World Medical Association, Frank Ulrich Montgomery, has warned against lifting the corona restrictions in Germany in one go.

“The number of infected people is currently doubling every week. Now just dropping the restrictions on our contacts and “opening everything” would be extremely dangerous,” Montgomery told the Funke media group newspapers. Anyone who does this risks accessing the fourth wave. Instead, it must be done gradually and controlled: “Don’t open everything right away, (…) but gradually allow more contacts”, said Montgomery with a view to England.

Despite the increasing number of infections, England lifted almost all corona measures on Monday. Neither the obligation to wear masks nor the distancing rules and numerical restrictions for indoor events will no longer apply in the future.

It’s hopeful news that therapies have improved, intensive care units have more experience, and vaccinated people will experience less severe courses, Montgomery said. “But let’s not forget how deceptive the infection numbers came across last summer and what destructive power the virus developed after that.” The fourth wave will come – “either like a gentle splash or like a wild surf – that depends on us.”