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McFly and Carlito’s crazy new project with Pierre Niney

Whether you like their work or not, McFly and Carlito surely know you. If you also know the actor Pierre Niney, then you might be interested in the following news: The three men are currently working together on a film. your name ? leaf man. A title that announces the color of the project that promises to go crazy.

A joke that comes to life

The McFly and Carlito duo, which has been ubiquitous on French YouTube for a few years, is a hit with every new video (but not necessarily in music) and now has almost 7 million subscribers on its main channel. David Coscas and Raphaël Carlier, their real names, have made it a habit to regularly invite recognized French-speaking personalities, including Patrick Bruel, Gad Elmaleh (among others), as well as many actors. After Michael Youn or Omar Sy, the duo welcomed Pierre Niney (Yves Saint-Laurent, Black Box, OSS 117: Red Alert in Black Africa) in January 2021.

The actor then joined McFly and Carlito in their studio as part of an episode of the series We call people at random, one of their channel’s most popular concepts. The principle is simple: each of the three must take turns answering difficult questions about general culture. If the answer is wrong, the loser has to call a random (logical) number in their phone and invent a prank from a previously defined word.

Thus was born Leaf Man, a superhero who “has the weight of a leaf and… [qui] throws himself from the top of the buildings, accompanied by Glass Woman, a son who is a painting and a grandmother who is a door lock”. A strange summary that nonetheless comes to life.

A project that is progressing well

Yesterday, McFly and Carlito appeared alongside Pierre Niney through several publications on their social networks. The opportunity for her to return to the film project Feuille Man, the script of which is really underway. Those who have trouble with the duo’s humor should know that Florent Bernard aka FloBert is helping them write. He is particularly known for having helped create the series La Flamme with Jonathan Cohen or Bloqués with Gringe and Orelsan.

At the time of the release of the video “We randomly call people with Pierre Niney and promise that we’ve never smoked anything” (without the apostrophe “n”), fans seemed to fully subscribe to the actor’s crazy idea. Now it remains to be seen what Leaf Man has in store for the big screen.


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