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Matthew McConaughey could become the coolest governor in the United States

Matthew McConaughey could become the coolest governor in the United States

Get ready to say goodbye to the Hollywood star. He wants to be a political star.

Treat it as lord governor

Once McConaughey didn’t completely turn down the idea of ​​running for governor of his state of Texas, millions of fans soon began to imagine hypothetical campaign slogans. The actor himself gave a hunch. Unfortunately, it wasn’t “Make America All Right, All Right, All Right Again”.

The possibility remained in the air and a new poll released April 19 seems to suggest Texans are more than willing to hand over the job to the 51-year-old actor. The poll, published by the New York Times and conducted by the University of Texas, found that 45 percent of those polled would vote for McConaughey if he ran against current Governor Greg Abbott in the 2022 election.

In early March, the American actor publicly showed his willingness to turn to politics. While attending a podcast, he confessed that he was “seriously considering” running for governor.

“I think about what my leadership role will be. Because I think I have some things to teach and share. What is my role What is my category in this next chapter of my life? “, Asked he.

Backstage conversations have been going on for much longer. At the end of 2020 McConaughey was confronted with this scenario on a conservative radio program. “”[Essa possibilidade de me candidatar] It would depend more on people than on me, ”he said before stressing that politics“ is a business that doesn’t work ”and that it only appeals to people when“ the reason for its existence is redefined ”.

There is a little problem with this entire application. After all, which McConaughey who has not joined a party would compete for which? Texas has been a Republican bastion since the late 1990s, currently ruled by Greg Abbott, who is likely to run for president again.

The other alternative would be to become the Democratic candidate whose party seeks to turn the state from red to blue. But the actor never revealed which party he identified with, which leads to a puzzle game.

Liberal or Conservative?

Hollywood is home to one of the fringes of the liberal elite, and for this reason it would be easy to assume that McConaughey would be an angry Democrat. Not really. He’s also one of the first to point his finger at colleagues.

During a discussion of religion on Joe Rogan’s podcast, he touched on the subject and how this liberal elite view conservative beliefs. “Some people in our industry – not all – lean so far to the left that they fall on a non-liberal side. He’s so condescending and patronizing towards the other half of the world that he needs the empathy of the liberals. Losing their legitimacy just because they say they are believers is so arrogant and in some ways hypocritical. “

The issue of police violence against minorities could also give an indication of the actor’s political leanings – and McConaughey does not deviate from the subject, particularly with regard to requests for “police removal”. Basically a chain that requires money invested in police forces to be invested in helping the poorest in order to prevent crime.

“You shouldn’t have given him that name because withdrawing funds doesn’t sound like a reallocation of money for some police duties,” he said. “The church and the police have to get back together, the church has to say, ‘This is unfair. That’s what I feel as a black man, or as a person of color, or whatever the situation may be. ‘“

On another fracture problem, increasing gun violence has a more moderate position. It disagrees with anti-gun movements and advocates “legitimate and fair gun ownership”, although it also denies that Americans can have “guns and machine guns and ammunition without limits”.

Contrary to the more republican position, McConaughey has been an outspoken proponent of the use of masks since the beginning of the pandemic. He even participated in advertisements promoting its use while leaving some barbs to Trump and the Republican government.

“It became apparent that there was no plan. Our leaders were confused, ”he said of the government’s approach to the pandemic.

This despite some controversy among liberals in 2017 when it became publicly known that the East Coast elite had no choice but to step down and support Trump. “Now you have no choice, he’s our president.”

McConaughey’s secret seems to be this: that of not choosing sides. However, if you want to move forward in 2022, you have to pick one. The tagline, this won’t include an “alright, alright, alright” but the actor left who could possibly be the perfect choice for him. “Meet me in the middle – I challenge you.”


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