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From 2050, nuclear waste containers must be stored underground. A repository search should determine a location. But there is a dispute over the participatory process.

Berlin (dpa) – Environmental associations have massively criticized the nuclear waste repository search process. From the point of view of the BUND, broad social participation has failed for the time being, explains director Antje von Broock.

In protest against the lack of participation from the responsible federal government, BUND volunteers are no longer taking part in the third and final “specialist conference” this Friday and Saturday.

The association «broadcast» spoke of a farce. The conference had failed. In the run-up to the conferences, numerous actors had warned against setting up online events – because of the pandemic – and suggested waiting instead. However, this was denied by the government and authorities.

The background to this is the search for a storage facility for high-level radioactive waste from nuclear power plants. It must be made underground in salt, clay or crystalline, ie mainly granite. The Bundestag will decide on the most suitable location in 2031. From 2050, containers with radioactive waste must be stored underground.

The Federal Agency for Final Storage (BGE) in charge of the search had submitted an interim report last September. According to these data, 54 percent of the area of ​​Germany is in principle geologically suitable for nuclear disposal; they are called sub-regions.

This was followed by two legally prescribed forms of participation, as “specialist congress sub-areas”. This is aimed at citizens, municipalities, social organizations and scientists. The specialist conference transmits its results to the BGE, which must take them into account.

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