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The affair over the affairs of members of the Bundestag in the purchase of corona masks has further consequences. CDU politician Nikolas Löbel is withdrawing from the Committee on Foreign Affairs.

Berlin (dpa) – Mannheim CDU Bundestag member Nikolas Löbel is withdrawing from the Foreign Affairs Committee due to controversial deals involving corona-protective masks. This was reported by the “Stuttgarter Zeitung” and the “Stuttgarter Nachrichten”.

This was confirmed to the German press agency on Friday evening from circles of the union faction. Löbel had previously confirmed his participation in the company and admitted mistakes. “As a member of the Bundestag, I should have acted more sensitively in my business activities, especially in the specific pandemic situation,” he said when asked Friday. “I blame myself for this mistake.”

Löbel’s company had collected commissions of about 250,000 euros for negotiating mask purchase contracts between a supplier from Baden-Württemberg and two private companies in Heidelberg and Mannheim. Löbel announced that it was a “customary fee” for Projektmanagement-GmbH. He acted for the GmbH and not in the exercise of his mandate.

Earlier, the CSU member of the Bundestag Georg Nüßlein had already drawn further conclusions. His lawyer announced on Friday that the 51-year-old would not run again in the federal election in September.

In addition, Nüßlein is finally resigning as vice-chairman of the parliamentary group of the Union in the Bundestag. He had already suspended the post a week ago. Despite these steps, the MP’s lawyer again denied any allegations. CSU Secretary General Markus Blume called Nüßlein’s move an “absolutely necessary and logical decision”.

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