Mask affair: CDU politician Löbel resigns immediately | Free press

Ultimately, the pressure in the affair surrounding the corona protection masks was too great. Nikolas Löbel takes the consequences: he immediately and completely says goodbye to political affairs.

Mannheim (dpa) – Bundestag member Nikolas Löbel, who has come under pressure, draws further conclusions from the corona mask affair and immediately returns his mandate in the Bundestag.

“In order to prevent further damage to my party, I must resign my Bundestag mandate with immediate effect,” he said. The affair of the dubious corona mask trade had brought the Union to the Southwest a week before state elections. After intense pressure from the Union, the 34-year-old had initially announced that he would resign from the Bundestag at the end of August and would not go to the next Bundestag as planned. Numerous CDU politicians at the federal and state levels, as well as his district association in Mannheim, subsequently urged Löbel, sometimes in drastic terms, to immediately withdraw from the Bundestag.

The CDU MP had previously confirmed he was involved in corona mask cases and admitted errors. His company collected commissions of around 250,000 euros for negotiating mask purchase contracts between a supplier from Baden-Württemberg and two private companies in Heidelberg and Mannheim. Initially, he only withdrew from the Bundestag’s foreign affairs committee. On Sunday, however, he announced his withdrawal from politics ahead of the Mannheim district council’s crisis meeting. He would immediately withdraw from the CDU / CSU faction. However, he does not want to return his parliamentary mandate until the end of August.

Before Löbel, the Union’s previous parliamentary deputy, Nüßlein, was at the center of the mask affair. The CSU politician is under investigation for initial suspicion of corruption in connection with the purchase of masks. Nüßlein’s lawyer announced on Friday that the 51-year-old would be withdrawing from federal politics due to the corruption investigations against him. Nüßlein also resigned from the office of Deputy Chief of the Parliamentary Group of the Union, which he had initially left.

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