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Marvel unveils first teaser, fans rage (15 tweets)

Marvel just released the first teaser for the Moon Knight series, which is slated for release in 2022. Good news for everyone who has been eagerly awaiting an adaptation of the reincarnation of the moon god Khonsu.

Moon Knight: Finally Here!

Many fans were wondering when we would hear from the Moon Knight character. Kevin Feige explained in 2018 that while the character so popular with comic book fans (and internet memes) would have a presence in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, he didn’t know when. Because he announced at the time that it “would take between 5 and 15 years for it to arrive on our screens”.

Most likely, the MCU’s cinematic formula didn’t fit the character, who claims to be the reincarnation of an Egyptian god, where a Disney+ series lends itself more readily to bringing new, diverse characters into the film. Canon of the cinematic universe installed so far. The series also allowed us to learn more about many secondary characters and second knives of the MCU, such as Hawkeye or Falcon, who has become Captain America’s replacement. But officially today, Moon Knight will indeed hit the small screen in 2022.

Tune in MONDAY to watch the world premiere of the trailer for the all-new @disneyplus original series, #MoonKnight by @marvelstudios ud83cudf19 during the NFL Super Wild Card matchup on @espn/@abcnetwork. pic.twitter.com/p248BIAcM7

January 15, 2022

Tune in MONDAY to watch the world premiere of the trailer for the all-new Disney+ Original Series Moon Knight during the NFL Super Wild Card.

A teaser for the moonlight

Coincidentally, the first trailer for the Marvel series airs Monday morning during the NFL Super Wild Card playoffs, which also happens to be a full moon night in the United States. United! Tomorrow, therefore, we can see the trailer of Moon Knight and we may know the exact release date of the series. At the moment there are only a few rumors of a possible release for March 30, 2022.

Very little is known about the series so far. We know that it will be 6 episodes of 40 to 50 minutes and that certain iconic characters will be there, like Randall Spector (Ethan Hawke) or Anton Mogart (Gaspard Ulliel). As for the main character, it will be actor Oscar Isaac who will take on the role and he has been training hard to give the best possible performance. Immediately after the series was announced, fans on the social network Twitter immediately showed their approval, of which here is a small, not bug-picked, selection.


So this summer’s #MoonKnight costume leak was a real leak! pic.twitter.com/EPQSb48uF1

January 15, 2022


Marvel kicks off the year with moon knight and multiverse of madness lol from the gravely ill pic.twitter.com/abH26J54w6

January 15, 2022


And they will announce the date of March 30, 2022 for the first episode.
Otherwise we can see that #MoonKnight défouraille is a werewolf (cf. the extended legs)pic.twitter.com/OjcfEG9Dyf

January 15, 2022


Moon Knight is going to be extraordinary ud83cudf19 #MoonKnight #MarvelStudios #Marvel pic.twitter.com/TNufSqBUQc

January 15, 2022


The Moon Knight series is going to be a smash pic.twitter.com/cXrAq8mo9L

January 15, 2022


MOON RITTER COMING, OSCAR ISAAC COMING I can’t wait aaaaaah pic.twitter.com/GLRrDr1hjc

January 15, 2022


Moon Knight is about to be brutal and I’m all for it #MoonKnight pic.twitter.com/1XsX2JFQZ0

January 15, 2022

Moon Knight will be absolutely brutal and I will be there to see it


hyped? #Moon Knight

I VERY ud83eudd29 pic.twitter.com/6a1koYpiBN

January 15, 2022


Can’t wait for the flow of Zinzin ud83dude33 #MoonKnight pic.twitter.com/lyBdaA4woI

January 15, 2022


I can’t wait for the Moon Knight series, it’s going crazy.
Also he so underestimated this character but look at this gigantic flow pic.twitter.com/uAUcDORfVd

January 15, 2022


That’s it we have the first official preview of Moon Knight’s costume that’s not a leak and YES HE HAS HIS WHITE EYES what a relief pic.twitter.com/mCsQYEq8cw

January 15, 2022


This is going to be so stylish Moon Knight! I’ve been waiting too long for this ud83dude01ud83eudd2f https://t.co/1kxSdfYtPe

January 15, 2022


The Moon Knight trailer is out Monday night through Tuesday!!
His costume has a monstrous flow ud83dudd25 pic.twitter.com/oazHn2Jhcx

January 15, 2022



January 15, 2022

We’ll see Oscar Isaac as the Moon Knight in two days!



January 15, 2022



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