Marvel signs the end of Daredevil, but to come back better

Marvel Comics has just completed one of its most beloved series by critics and fans alike. After Marvel plays the ending of Immortal Hulk, Daredevil will finish it off with the 36th edition scheduled for next November. If some thought that this meant the end of the superhero, it doesn’t really seem like it!

Announced an end to come back better

In fact, according to the press release, screenwriter Chip Zdarsky is not finished with Daredevil. The latter stipulates that this is not the end, but a new beginning. No wonder if you know the success of the series. Marvel doesn’t seem to want to give up.

For this new edition, Zdarsly is accompanied by Manuel Garcia and on this occasion Mayor Wilson Fisk and Typhoid Mary are getting married:

After a romance built over two years, Mayor Wilson Fisk and Typhoid Mary are preparing for their marriage! But in the tradition of the Maison des Idées, misfortune is already waiting for the happy union. Also find out which Daredevil will inherit the costume after this status quo change: Matt Murdock or Electra Natchios?

As Marvel points out, Zdarsky’s iconic Daredevil series will culminate next November with that explosive number. But that doesn’t mean the end of the Daredevil saga. The scriptwriter reminds us of this: “Number 36 is not an end, it is a beginning”.

Marvel already announces that more announcements are on the way. Especially when celebrating the anniversary with new projects and announcements from makers that should appear soon …

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