Marvel reveals the hilarious battle between Hawkeye and his version of Green Arrow

Since the Marvel Comics franchise’s Heroes Reborn project was released this year, the Marvel universe has grown significantly, turning the world as we know it upside down, offering new plots and new characters. Therefore, after revealing the dramatic situation of Thor, but also the appearance of one of the worst tyrants in the universe, here in a completely different atmosphere, a look at the clash between Hawkeye aka Hawkeye and the Marvel version of Green Arrow.

unpredictable changes

In the latest one-shot comic from this redesigned universe, a corrupt Hawkeye has just gotten into a hilarious battle with Golden Archer, who is clearly the pastiche of DC’s Green Arrow. In this new reality, the Avengers never came together and this new installment reveals that Black Widow, Hawkeye and others never became superheroes. On the contrary, in Heroes Reborn: Siege Society # 1 they have all allied themselves with Baron Zemo and are determined to destroy the European branch of the Supreme Squadron led by Nighthawk.

In this altered reality, America’s Supreme Squadron has become Earth’s Mightiest Heroes instead of Avengers, even though screenwriter Cody Ziglar and Siege Society No. 1 artist Paco Medina reveal to us that there is still a civil war between superheroes. After Hyperion and Nighthawk (the respective analogues of Superman and Batman in Marvel) argue, Nighthawk decides to take his team of heroes with him and sets out to form a secret season in Europe with The Blur (Marvel’s Flash). However, Baron Zemo could not tolerate this situation and so formed his own team to kill the secret squadron and bring Nighthawk out. Members of Zemo’s Siege Society include SaberTooth, Silver Witch (who appears to be a mixture of Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch), Soviet agent, this time Scott Lang as Fire-Ant, and Black Widow and Hawkeye themselves. With the exception of Zemo and SaberTooth are supposed to be all of those mercenary and villain heroes in the Marvel Universe as we know it.

And while the two teams compete against each other, Hawkeye in particular faces none other than Golden Archer. Since the heroes of the Supreme Squad are all analogues of DC’s Justice League superheroes, Golden Archer is clearly inspired by Green Arrow. In the old Marvel comics, his girlfriend is even called Lady Lark, a heroine with hypersonic vocal cords who is reminiscent of Black Canary, Green Arrow’s girlfriend at times. Either way, what follows is almost a parody of a duel between the two archers.

Spoiler alert: Warning!

Hawkeye eventually wins by using the classic technique of shooting an arrow at it with a shrunken fire ant so he can take out Golden Archer right on the spot. Although Nighthawk and Blur ended up arriving to save the day, Hawkeye and the Black Widow managed to escape before arriving and seeing the deaths of Golden Archer and many other superheroes.

While Hawkeye and Green Arrow actually fought and teamed up during the 2003 JLA / Avengers crossover, this new installment provides another fun example of the clash between Hawkeye and Marvel’s approximate Green Arrow. And while Fire-Ant’s contribution to victory doesn’t make the fight fair, it does mean that Hawkeye has actually become a supervillain in this new reality from Heroes Reborn.

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