Marvel Reveals the First Images of Its Crossing with the Alien Saga!

The next few months will be pretty busy for comic book readers. As the Marvel Universe prepares to be permanently upset in its new King in Black event, which will have dire consequences for the character of Venom; and that DC has announced an impersonation for Wonder Woman, the House of Ideas has just unveiled the first images of its new crossover, in which the Avengers will collide with one of the most popular fictional universes in culture. Pop: the alien saga.

An expected crossover

When Marvel and DC Comics have become masters at the art of weaving gigantic crossovers, the major comic book publishers tend to prefer reuniting characters who share the same universe. Batman and Superman, Iron Man and Spider-Man initially developed separately and eventually shared common universes. A process that is also widespread as the public’s interest in these great superhero family gatherings represented by the crossovers of Marvel and DC Comics increases.

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Crossovers between different universes are less common. Hence the fact that each of them is a small event in itself. We already have crossovers between the Marvel and DC universes and even an oddly unnoticed transition between Marvel and Attack on Titan called Attack of the Avengers. Today, Marvel unveiled the first images of its brand new crossover network, confronting the superheroes of the House of Ideas with the terrifying Xenomorph from the Alien saga.

The Alien saga, which has been owned by Disney since the takeover of 21st Century Fox and initiated in the cinema in 1979 by Ridley Scott (Blade Runner, Gladiator), is therefore available in comics, of course on the Marvel site, which is also known to be applies to the studio with big ears. As if to test the alien license in comics, Marvel offers a crossover with its own historical characters in 19 of its series. Can we imagine a better baptism of fire?

Marvel has also shared the covers of this crossover, which promises to be as ambitious as it is outrageous.

We are very impatient to discover this transition expected for January 2021. Regarding the sequel to Alien in the cinema, we recall that Ridley Scott recently expressed his opinion on the possibility of giving a sequel to Alien: Covenant, released in 2017.

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