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Marvel movie costumes leaked thanks to E. Leclerc stores!

Eternals, the most anticipated film of Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, reveals itself a little more, and in an unexpected way: the E. Leclerc stores have released the first images of the characters’ costumes.

Thank you, E. Leclerc!

The film Eternals, which was originally scheduled for November 2020, will finally be released in the US in November 2021 due to the health crisis that caused Disney to fully revise its release schedule. While information is scarce, the costumes in the film were the subject of a leak that Marvel probably didn’t expect.

The Hitek surprise bag!

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In fact, some E. Leclerc supermarket customers were surprised to receive thumbnails showing the first images of the film’s costumes. An amazing discovery that has made the rounds of social networks.

For fun, my mother brought me back # MARVELxLeclerc labels and like I just came across a new picture from #Eternals (I think)? ud83d ude33 pic.twitter.com/n3dJgx02mA

4th November 2020

The Eternals @kumailn leaked the costume ud83d ude0d
I just want a teaser pic.twitter.com/pnIZjq5xFS

4th November 2020

An edited version of the ETERNALS actions so you can see their faces ud83d udd25

Thanks to @hunters_grove for editing this pic.twitter.com/q4pAcB3s68

4th November 2020


The Eternals are a type of immortal alien from a distant planet who came to Earth thousands of years ago. These superheroes have been protecting people since the beginning of time pic.twitter.com/wWnfrHY2JP

4th November 2020

It appears to be promotional materials (collectible stickers) that Disney / Marvel has targeted for consumer brands that didn’t consider the movie’s move to November 2021 before distributing it to their customers.

Given that the Eternals movie won’t come out for a year, it would be pointless to hope for a trailer soon. These leaks are therefore one of the few pictures that are available to us at the moment … However, we remember that the photos from November 2019 gave a glimpse of the costume of Thena, Sersi and Phastos.


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