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Marvel just announced a new Daredevil

Marvel is widespread on our small and large screens with its many films and series. But even before the chickens that laid the golden eggs for moviegoers were made, the American giant was found in the comics department through now famous editions. And to the delight of fans of its blind antihero, Marvel has just announced a new Daredevil.

A new daredevil announced

Canceled after three seasons, the Daredevil series has a loyal community. But while fans eagerly await the fourth season, Marvel continues to bring its antihero to life in comics. And while Matt Murdock is in jail in the flagship comic series, a new daredevil has just been revealed. Through his comics Daredevil # 25 announced the idea house. And who better to replace him than a character near Murdock?

By the end of this new installment, readers of the series could find that Elektra Natchios, whose adventures on the big screen have been criticized, had created her own version of the Daredevil costume. A temporary version of the famous antihero, which should therefore help him to get out of this chaos. On this series, Murdock was charged with murder for accidentally killing a criminal named Leo Carraro. Found guilty, he goes through the prison box as a result.

But while Murdock is behind bars, Elektra, now the owner of Hell’s Kitchen, learns that the hand is reforming. Fortunately, she got her hands on an old book that taught her how to use it. The young man will therefore inform Murdock who refuses to listen to him and hammer him that she enjoys the darkness and is a murderer. Therefore, to regain her confidence, Elektra will put on her own Daredevil costume and fight crime in the light.

Wearing a red costume similar to Daredevil’s, Elektra will attempt to thwart the Hand’s plans while attempting to act like a hero by not killing anyone. A new costume similar to the one used by the blind vigilantes that includes the details of the antihero, namely her horns. Future editions should therefore focus on Electra’s change of lane, as Murdock continues to languish in prison for his crime. A comic that you can find here for those interested.


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