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Marlène Schiappa herself changes her Wikipedia page, she is smashed on Twitter (15 tweets)

Marlène Schiappa and her communications officers have been in the limelight for some time, as the minister and her family are currently being accused by the Wikipedia platform of having modified their own page. We take stock of the topic.

Marlène Schiappa and her Wikipedia page, a case that made headlines

Pauline Bock, a journalist at Stop on Images, unveiled the rose pot on February 9, and the news has sparked ridicule on social media ever since. As the journalist from Arrêt sur Images explains: “According to the administrators of the free encyclopedia, one of his advisors wrote almost a quarter of the text on Schiappa’s page. Angered, the volunteers warned of an “autobiographical or egocentric” site that “is subject to significant changes” and regrets the use of their site as an “advertising showcase”. And indeed, if we go to Marlène Schiappa’s Wikipedia page, the following banner appears:

This information has not escaped the attention of Internet users, who, as you will see, have had a great time making fun of the acting Minister of Citizenship on social networks.


The Schiappa ticket

Even on Wikipedia they are exhausted…

February 10, 2022


“Tell me about me
That interests me” https://t.co/zwDX8VrCpG

February 10, 2022


Hilarious. Marlene Schiappa, Delegate Minister for Citizenship, who appeared on a cooking show in January, instructed her communications team to praise her on her Wikipedia page. Problem: Wikipedia noticed pic.twitter.com/Nwhdjw0VLp

February 9, 2022


– Marlène #Schiappa retouched her Wikipedia page and explains it –

“I didn’t want to be called a nunuche there for who I am” pic.twitter.com/KNIVtqhhSq

February 10, 2022


There’s a guy who did great research to find himself glorifying Schiappa on his Wikipedia

February 10, 2022


Even Wikipedia can’t believe Schiappa anymore: His consultant is trying to turn his encyclopedia page into an “advertising window”. “It’s not very good on the Schiappa team’s part,” explains a contributor https://t.co/MgnVbWSlAU #Schiappa #Compol

February 9, 2022


MRD!!!! I checked it’s real: https://t.co/jrPCQBvE9b https://t.co/NL0Luv0Qe1

February 9, 2022


I will avoid going to Marlène Schiappa’s Wikipedia page, I don’t want to embarrass her, she does it very well on her own and we don’t shoot at ambulances.

February 14, 2022


When will Marlène Schiappa have to explain herself via her Wikipedia page pic.twitter.com/QlKRWOxTaV

February 10, 2022


Marlène Schiappa at the full book signing of her Wikipedia page pic.twitter.com/FXEvNilkW8

February 11, 2022


” “Marlène Schiappa (…) is a French politician and writer” This is how the minister and novelist introduces herself on her Wikipedia page (the last one would not have exceeded a hundred copies sold, but one will not read it on his page)”

I’m dying

February 9, 2022


mdrrrrrrr wait Marlène Schiappa, she’s changing her own wikipedia page, she’s in CM2 or what? pic.twitter.com/6uooHBWlHu

February 10, 2022


Who wants to create my Wikipedia page? But I want it like Schiappa’s.

“Malik is a handsome boy living in the Paris region. Known for his genius and dazzling sense of humor, he is nicknamed Milka because he is as tender as chocolate.”

February 10, 2022



Marlene Schiappa invited her communication to praise her on her Wikipedia page, she was caught off the page.

Thanks @arretsurimages for the work

https://t.co/Q2jap2YpFW pic.twitter.com/1LnTXAwYc3

February 9, 2022


if you feel embarrassed sometimes, just think of Marlène Schiappa’s Wikipedia page, which has a banner: “This page appears to be autobiographical and has been modified by the person concerned” ptdrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

February 14, 2022

A story that keeps making headlines.


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