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Mark Zuckerberg bans you from taking secret screenshots

Do you use Messenger to chat with your friends and family? Are you used to taking screenshots of your conversations to follow what your interlocutors can tell you? So take advantage of it, because soon it will no longer be possible.

Soon finished the screens in secret

In fact, if you’re used to taking secret screenshots of your conversations in Messenger, soon you won’t be able to do it without notifying your interlocutor.

Anyway, that’s what Mark Zuckerberg just announced in a post shared on Jan. 27. In it, the boss of Meta explains that a new update of the messaging application automatically sends a notification when a screenshot of the chat is detected.

Zuckerberg states that this update affects ephemeral messages, that is, messages that can be sent and that automatically disappear between 5 seconds and 24 hours. As a reminder, if you want to enable ephemeral mode in Messenger, all you have to do is slide the conversation up while holding until the screen goes to dark mode.

Automatic notification on screen

So if the person chatting with you in this fleeting mode takes a screenshot, that person will get a notification in their application telling them “You took a screenshot”. On the other hand, you have an avalanche of “shh” emojis that will pour onto your screen. Just to make sure you are aware…

Currently, this feature is already deployed in the United States and should appear in Europe soon. In addition, the same functionality should also see the light of day on Instagram.


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