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Marion Cotillard’s ranting after one of her photos was censored

Instagram social network drew the wrath of actress Marion Cotillard after one of its publications was censored. The actress even threatens to leave Instagram for good.

The manner in which social networks publish policies is sometimes impenetrable. French actress Marion Cotillard recently paid the price when one of her posts was inexplicably censored by Instagram. On October 20, 2020, the Oscar-winning La Môme posted a photo of her shirtless child. Fifteen days later, she received a deletion notification. The reason for the censorship? Childlike nudity. Marion Cotillard called the social network in an ad and said she was very concerned about the times we are living in.

Marion Cotillard is not the only one outraged by this abusive deletion. Her husband, actor and director Guillaume Canet, has also cracked an accusing post and slandered Instagram’s hypocrisy:

If the “Hasta la Vista”, which closes Marion Cotillard’s message, seems to assume that the actress of children’s games could leave Instagram for good, Guillaume Canet has continued to use the social network since then. Obviously, this is not the first time social networks have censor sites for hallucinatory reasons. Recently, Facebook censored the humorous Le Gorafi page.


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