Maria Dominguez: “My character is very intense and I am very intense”


She started working as a model, went through amateur theater until she got into television. Maria Dominguez joined the TVI soap opera “A Herdeira” and later switched to SIC. He presented “Vamos Jogo” on the generalist channel and “Curto-Circuito” on SIC Radical.

At this moment, the 25-year-old professional appears regularly on the Saturday morning show “Estamos em Casa”. However, the passion for acting is now reappearing on the stage. Maria Dominguez will play a new character in the third season of “O Clube”, a series on the Opto streaming platform that has not yet been released.

She will play Madalena, the girlfriend of the new O Clube owner, Kiko (who will be played by the new SIC employee, Lourenço Ortigão). Read NiT’s interview with the actress and presenter.

In the third season of “The Club” he plays again. He has already revealed that his character will be called Madalena. What can you already tell about this role?
Madalena is such a girl, a little unbalanced. She is not a girl who is balanced in her emotions, in her actions. One day it may be like that, another day it is completely different. It’s pretty unsafe, also because of the circumstances. It is very lacking, but it has great power, great power. It’s pretty interesting and difficult.

How does she perform in “The Club”?
She appears because of her boyfriend who owns the club she met in Ibiza. His character is called Kiko. And she will come across this world because it is his, so it usually goes to his place of work. So she begins to see this whole world differently from hers.

How was the collaboration with Lourenço Ortigão?
I met him on “A Hedeira”, but I didn’t work with him directly, but it was a very good experience. He’s a very good colleague, I was a little scared, but he’s really a good colleague. It helped me a lot, we have some difficult scenes, but with him it becomes easy. He’s got years off and really helps me relax in those tougher scenes and it was really good.

What was the biggest challenge in this role?
There were actually many. Although I identify very much with Madalena in certain aspects. I don’t even know if that complicates me or not. But the hardest thing about it is the uncertainty, because after I have conveyed it to myself, I sometimes go away and am a bit unsure about everything. This was the hardest part. All this weirdness that she has isn’t that hard, but it’s super interesting to me because I really like things like that.

Maria Dominguez started her career as a model.

He mentioned that he even identified with some aspects of the character. Which?
One of the characteristics of Madalena is that it is very intense. And I am very intense [risos]. It’s 8 or 80 and Madalena is like that too. Since I’ve always been like that, it’s easy for me to get it because we’re similar. And these are exactly her characteristics: she is intense, needy, jealous, sensual. It’s got a fun mix.

How was the experience of re-shooting a character and recording fiction? Have you missed it yet?
I’ve missed it a lot and it’s very different here. Doing a soap opera or a series is very different and I loved doing it, I didn’t have the idea that it was like that. And I was very lucky with the team, because they give us a lot of freedom to do what we feel at the moment. For example, if the text is X and I want to add something, give me space for it because you really want me to bring in the essence of Magdalena the way I want it and how I see and feel her. And it was incredible support. Patrícia Sequeira, the director, is really amazing – and so is Joana, the other director.

Between the differences between a soap opera or a series, there is usually more time in a series to prepare the role and record the scenes. Does this make sense?
We didn’t have a lot of preparation together, but I did it my way. But the details of each scene are much more detailed than in a soap opera, in my opinion, because there are a thousand reasons anyway. There isn’t that much time in soap operas so everything has to be rushed. Here I have the feeling that we are all there for it and it really has to be done with all the details, all the beauty, with everything in the right place. And I really liked that difference.

What preparation did you do for the character?
First I had coaching with my former teacher Iolanda Laranjeiro. And I had made my preparations to find out who Madalena is. I was trying to find out who this girl is, what she thinks. I’ve made my own journey through what I feel about her from a childhood chronology to try to justify her actions in the present, and I’ve created Madalena in my own way. But with every day that goes by, I feel like I know her more and more, so it was a process of “OK, I know Magdalena is this” but it was surprising in itself because I’m the one who Magdalena, is this schizophrenia? [risos].

You discover a character that you are building at the same time.
Exactly. And that’s actually inside of me, isn’t it? It was very interesting.

Would you like to have other projects as an actress in this phase of your journey in the near future or do you see yourself as a presenter in shows?
There are two aspects that I like to do. If you tell me to choose one, I can’t [risos]. While acting is what I really like, I really like it because it takes me out of my comfort zone, I can do a lot of completely different things. But I also love performing. If I can bring the two things together, everything will be perfect and I will be very happy. But if you do even one of these and then do another, that’s fine.

Is there a program that you would like to do one day that you haven’t done yet?
I like the shows that aren’t being done right now, the more interactive ones from “Loosen the Wall”, super fun. I also really like morning formats. But I like to discover a lot of different things, there is no specific thing I can say: this is what I want. If you can explore a bit of everyone, great.

He also did a theater once.
I have, but amateur doesn’t count [risos]. Account, but it was very young.

But was it an area you want to re-explore someday or not?
Yes, yes, I really enjoyed doing theater. Because it’s very different from cinema or television. Because being there in front of an audience is a completely different energy than television and I would love to do that too.

What is your greatest ambition or professional dream?
Good question. It’s this cliché that I always say: make a great film abroad, or even here in Portugal, but go to a platform abroad. I don’t know, but it’s one of my dreams and goals.

If you could have a career as an actress, would that be something you would like to have?
Yeah, right now I don’t want to because I want to stay here. In other words, I don’t focus on it, I don’t go to auditions or speak to agents out there because right now I really want to cement my career here – and maybe I’ll start focusing more on that in a while.