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The seven-day incidence nationwide is now well below 50, and only a few regions are even higher. Many states are returning to regular full-size classes.

Berlin (dpa) – The corona figures are falling, the days of distance and changing lessons are over in many places: More and more federal states are returning to normal functioning in schools.

This includes the most populous state of North Rhine-Westphalia, where schools will resume face-to-face classes across the board this Monday. The condition is that the number of new infections per 100,000 inhabitants is below 100 within seven days. That was the case in all municipalities on Friday. The mask and inspection obligation continues to apply.

Countries such as Lower Saxony, Saarland and Hamburg are also largely returning to normal operations with entire classes at the start of the week. In Brandenburg this initially only applies to primary schools. The only exception is the city of Brandenburg / Havel, where the numbers are still too high. High schools should follow in a week. There are also action plans elsewhere. In Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, the state with the lowest incidence in the entire country, students returned to classes on Thursday.

Berlin, on the other hand, wants to continue alternating classes until the summer holidays (from June 24th). The reigning mayor Michael Müller (SPD) recently pointed out that the incidence among students in the capital was higher than the average, and there’s no denying that. Rhineland-Palatinate also takes some time. After the end of the Whitsun holidays, there are two more weeks of alternating classes on the schedule in one week before everyone goes back to class.

The Whitsun holidays are also still in southern Germany. In Bavaria (from 7 June), face-to-face education is planned everywhere with stable incidences below 50. Before the Whitsun holidays, this only existed in primary schools and parts of special schools. In Baden-Württemberg at least primary schools and lower levels of special education and counseling centers should resume face-to-face education after the holidays, provided the incidence is between 50 and 100. From June 11, this should also apply to all students in the fifth grade who are currently still in replacement classes.

The Federal Parent Council criticized the countries’ different route. “It’s like since the outbreak of the pandemic: every state does what it wants,” chairwoman Sabrina Wetzel told Handelsblatt. “We also demand a uniform line for the openings.” The various regulations are incomprehensible to parents. And: “It is also unjust for the children.”

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