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Many demos in addition to meetings in May – police delivered | Free press

Berlin / Hamburg (dpa) – On Labor Day, the police are challenged not only at the traditional DGB headquarters – this time in Hamburg – but in many places through numerous other demonstrations.

Another point of attention is Berlin, where around 5,000 officers will be deployed around May 1. Berlin Police Chief Barbara Slowik expected a “demanding, demanding situation”. In Hamburg, too, the police are challenged at numerous announced meetings.

The police union (GdP) is looking at May 1 with concern because of the corona pandemic. “The risk of infection in these situations is an additional burden for the police officers,” said GdP Vice Jörg Radek in the Funke media group newspapers. If protection against infection is violated during demonstrations, the risk of infection increases for the emergency services on the spot.

In Berlin there was a demonstration by the German Trade Union Federation (DGB), a protest by opponents of the Corona rules at noon, a satire and fun demonstration in the afternoon and the traditional revolutionary May 1 demonstration by left and radical left groups. in Neukölln. in the evening and Kreuzberg reported.

According to the police, two dozen standing meetings and five elevators have been registered in Hamburg, including a demonstration by the Red Building on “revolutionary 1 May” and several meetings by the alliance “Who gives”, the organizers of which are from the autonomous scene .

According to the police, because of the corona, demonstration trains may have a maximum of 50 participants and a maximum of 200 standing meetings with an exceptional permit. In addition, an exit restriction applies in Hamburg from 9 p.m. Many applicants have declined the conditions. Due to numerous meetings with a total of more than a thousand participants, the Essen police expects a major operation on Saturday.

Two protest marches and numerous vigils have also been announced for May 1 in Greifswald in West Pomerania, after the far-right NPD registered a lift with 300 people. According to their own information, the police wants to be on the spot with about 1000 emergency services and also supervise compliance with the corona rules. In Saxony and Thuringia, a number of planned marches were banned by far-right parties, especially with regard to infection protection.

In Berlin, about 3,500 protesters took to the streets on the eve of May 1, mostly peacefully. According to police, about 1,500 people protested for social changes in Wedding on Friday night and largely adhered to Corona rules. Two people were briefly arrested. Left and radical left groups called for the meeting under the motto “From the crisis to expropriation”.

A protest by feminist groups against patriarchy and capitalism that had begun in Kreuzberg was ended prematurely by the organizers. According to police, bottles, stones and eggs were thrown at police officers from the elevator. Five people were arrested on suspicion of bodily injury and property damage. With about 2000 participants, significantly more than expected and registered.

In Hamburg, too, there were first meetings of left and left extremist groups on Friday evening, which took place without major incidents. At the largest meeting at Sternschanze station, several hundred people gathered, as the situation service announced. Because only 200 people were allowed to attend the “class party” organized by the left-wing extremist Rote Aufbau because of the corona, the applicant was asked to limit the number of participants. According to the information, up to 650 people had gathered in the area and during the meeting. When officials tried to push approaching protesters back into the station square, a small scuffle broke out. Three other meetings each had about 90 participants, police said it would be quiet.


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