Manel Cruz sells guitar from the time of Ornatos Violeta (for a good cause)

Manel Cruz sells guitar from the time of Ornatos Violeta (for a good cause)

It is signed by the musician from Porto and has been with him for over 20 years.

The auction takes place on Instagram.

The pandemic was ruthless in many areas. This also applies to artists, for whom restrictions only apply to a limited extent, but also to cafes, bars and restaurants. There are two bars in particular in Porto that are struggling. But there is help on the way through Manel Cruz’s guitar, not in the form of a riff, but in auction mode.

Ornatos’ lead singer Violeta and Pluto is auctioning a guitar that has been with him for more than two decades. It’s a Japanese Stratocaster fender that he bought used and that had a special place in his career.

“I’m going to auction an electric guitar that I used with Ornatos until 2002 and then in Pluto live and on the recording of the album ‘Bom Dia’,” said Manel Cruz on Instagram. “All the money raised will be delivered in full to two bars in the harbor (Barracuda and Woodstock69) that are in serious trouble, putting us at risk of losing such vital parts of our circuit,” he said.

The musician adds that the guitar “is obviously used a lot, but is fully functional”. And of course it’s also signed by himself. The auction runs until December 19th. The minimum bid is one thousand euros. Interested parties can place a bid in this social network via chat.

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