Mandatory vaccination for US employees of Google and Facebook | free press


Despite the availability of vaccines and many vaccination incentives, the vaccination campaign in the US is stagnating. Employees of tech giants Google and Facebook must now be vaccinated before they can return to the office.

Washington (AP) – Employees of internet giants Google and Facebook in the US must be vaccinated against the corona virus before returning to their offices. The companies have communicated this independently of each other.

Google chief executive Sundar Pichai said the regulation would initially affect the United States, but will also apply to other regions in the coming months once vaccines are widely available there.

Due to the recent increase in new corona infections in the US from the Delta variant, Google is also delaying the planned larger return to its offices until October 18, Pichai explained. Apple, on the other hand, had already postponed the return to the office last week, initially for a month, now until October. However, the company has not yet announced mandatory vaccination.

On Facebook, HR manager Lori Goler said the implementation of mandatory employee vaccinations in US offices would depend on “local conditions and regulations”. There will also be a procedure for those who cannot be vaccinated for medical or other reasons. The proceeding with a view to locations outside the US would be further investigated, it said.

Further cancellation of general mandatory vaccination

The vaccination campaign in the US is now on point – and that despite a plethora of vaccines and many vaccination incentives. Therefore, the states of New York and California, as well as several cities, have already announced mandatory vaccination for employees. According to President Joe Biden, the federal government is also investigating mandatory vaccinations for its two million employees. Those who do not want to be vaccinated must undergo regular corona tests according to the present regulation. Biden, however, has clearly rejected the idea of ​​a nationwide vaccination requirement.

In the United States, only 49 percent of the population of about 330 million people has been fully vaccinated so far. Most recently, the number of daily new corona infections rose again to an average of about 60,000 due to the highly contagious Delta variant.