Major restrictions expected in the new school year | free press


The students have summer vacation. But what happens after the holidays? The teachers’ association does not rule out the possibility that changing lessons will be necessary again.

Berlin (dpa) – The chairman of the teachers’ association, Heinz-Peter Meidinger, expects major restrictions due to the corona pandemic next school year.

Meidinger expressed the fear in the daily newspaper “Die Welt” that hundreds of thousands of students would have to be quarantined because of the highly contagious Delta variant of the virus. “Nobody can rule out the possibility that due to the delta variant and the lack of vaccination quotas, we will have a huge fourth wave, in which again varying lessons will be needed.”

Meidinger called on politicians to be honest. “Anyone who now promises that there will certainly be full face-to-face education next year is walking on thin ice,” said the association president. « Face-to-face education at any cost means accepting the contagion of schools. Politicians should be honest about that.”

FDP chairman Christian Lindner spoke out in favor of corona vaccinations in schools. After the summer holidays, schools should no longer be closed, Lindner told the newspapers of media group Funke. «I am in favor of youth vaccination programs in schools. You have to prepare for that on a large scale with mobile vaccination teams.” But in the end, students and parents had to decide for themselves whether they wanted to be vaccinated.