Madness: Coldplay play Pearl Jam live – the band they loved as teenagers

The moment happened right in the hometown of the American band Seattle. The British played “Nothingman”.

Coldplay are on tour.

Coldplay are on a world tour to present the album “Music of the Spheres”, which was released on October 15th. The British group used a concert in the American city of Seattle to create a very special moment and pay homage to Pearl Jam, who was born in this American city.

“We wanted to pay tribute to all of the bands we fell in love with as teenagers in the 90s,” front man Chris Martin told the audience. “Here’s a 44-year-old man who remembers the love he felt for Pearl Jam in 1991. If you had told this boy that he would be here to sing this song, he would have replied, ‘Is that a good idea?'” .

Coldplay performed a version of “Nothingman,” a theme that was featured on the Vitalogy album. Chris Martin also left a message on Pearl Jam front man Eddie Vedder saying he loves him. “Thank you for being so good to our band.”